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in search of @wonkette_bot
As I know when being told off for not doing stuff right :)
<serious i have no clue how any of this werks>

Love this place. No idea how it works and can just type shite that never gets read. The soshuall meedja I always wanted =^^=

Caturday EVA reactivated. Partner wants an IKEA step stool thingy and some one in zombie walk distance is selling one. Xmas is back on

Hmmm glares at toolset.. how much effort to change 'toots' to something else. far too late at night mind

Found this in the rubbish room. Sans mic or psu but reckon have 'something' can use. Currently being catted and natch been wiped down with a sanitiser.
50 quid new. I mean. thats a weeks food

Now you are in trouble. Even immporting my splekking mistooks


For the non-commenters at