Letter to editrix at graun - trial version
It is getting hard to tell the diff between the graun and the DM these days. "Turkey is fun! - next week 10 ways to avoid being dismembered in Sunny Saudi", "Ulez Ulez Ulez and why Labour will not win ('cos then we can't be the perpetual opposition)", "AI is your new God by someone only deeply embedded but its all OK as its a TechChick not a TechBro and its not white", "Non coverage of BP-Infosys-Rishi continues","At home with Tyson Fury".

Also partner mine is complaining that their ex lover is looking old. And they are an aging hit band lutist. checks mirror... oops time to buy more slap in case they notice

bloody hell. For once I signed in to utoob and I get a playlist ('we rec for you!') and its quite good. Apart from oasis who are richards. Time to nuke the cookie thing again. After she sells sanctuary ofc. Also stop auto korrekting me my miss slells r my own mutter

Watching my afternoon soap (hey we all have weakness hihi) and the ads for UNICEF and Red Cross Sweden come on and - no prob. But both have the same shot of the same Land Rover in the same water logged bit of land. Continuity must think we are stoopid. So, no pesos for either of them this year. MSF and the sally ann as ever

this keeps nagging at me as no way to verify but the graun keeps nuking the link so.. for posterior erm the other post word
who knows, someone else might see it

Been meaning to do this. Oiled my board. I mean - this is my rifle, this is my life. 12 years with me. =^^=
Oblig track too also as well - we can add medjas??

Ah watching birbs out the window. I thought it was a Skua but we checked and its a Hooded Crow. Beautiful and it put the shits up the Swifts who have been hooliganning. No diss to TayTay ofc

Fascinating to see. Wonk sans ziggy (thank you) is gone to play with the same place as the nasty people. Amazing that cold turkey only took two weeks. But no one reads this hihi. Bliss

Ah Iceland you never fail:) When I was moving from Kanada to Sverige the wise one said - 'nope, do not let Mik change planes there - will never see them again'

I was not born in a crossfire hurricane. For this I am rather happy

Funny how you anthropomorphise. Right now there is a magpie, a pair of mated pigeons, an herring gull who i knew the Mother of and a sole Rock Dove on the roof oppo. And I can hear the call of another RD. Not mourning as such as its a tough life being a bird but - sort of in vigil for a lost nest. Well that would be the hoom take.

This morning Dancing Girl came out to sort the mess. i have not seen Her for a while. Things happen. She picked up the nest and left it back in place with an annoyed stance. But She left the nest. It is early in the year. They can try again.
Few hours later - older Woman is out cleaning up, as GrandMothers do. The dove pair are on the roof. Life goes on.
(This format sucks or i do)

Yesterday was epic. The Hen (possibly the bloke) faced down the murder crow and its partner stood guard after. Hey nonnie nonnie, blood all over the place - its a Morris Ref - and serious beak on beak action. A Mother (possibly) little Dove going full apeshit on a killing machine. And won. I think. They have not been back.

So a murder crow moves in to the airspace. Black and grey and beautiful. I didn't know we had the vertcal econiche to support one but yay they are beautiful. Killing machine birds often are.
They find the nest. I did not know as I watched but yes the feathers were from the Hen I think. Hard to tell with Rock Doves. It is when I realised it was a nest.

Balcony across the way - months back a dresser and tinsel and - stuff - got moved to it. You try not to spy but hey - we live on the fourth floor and they live on the third. Hard not to when you are having a fag with your mind wandering.
Pair of what I call wood pigeons - Rock Doves - decided to nest there. I would have said no but they did not ask. Last time I had a balcone I kept wasps. So what do I know.

happy new year minus 8 minutes euro time. let's dance

So 'boosted' is some kind of erm boost (yuck) by someone you erm follow? How do you make it stop then? Apart from the obvious. As in is there a filter of some kind

Heres a thing. The D Mail just did a comparison test of 4 skum-ter alternatives and went for Mastodon. Sadly the comments are not available for me. Can't think why.
Yeah the place in general is a vileness of vilenessity I only scan so others don't have to but its 'science' aggregator can be quite fun

@MateodelSol meat tubes - 'sensitive content' made me chuckle. Real food leanings next (assume Scotch Bonnets appear in all erm classifications. Well, it is for breakfast after all)

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