These are the rules for content and behavior on Wonkodon. Every Mastodon instance has its own rules and approach to moderation, so our rules may be different from others. Please familiarize yourself with the rules.

You can discreetly report rules violations, malicious bots, obvious trolls or other abuses to the Wonkodon admins and moderators using the "Report" option when viewing a post or a user's profile.

1. No slurs against children or people with intellectual disabilities
2. No wishing or ideating physical threats to people (not even "with votes")
3. Try not to be totally libelous
4. No talk about skullfucking your enemies, or any clever equivalents
5. No misogyny. No demeaning of women. No racism. No Nazis.
6. No casual use of "cunt" or "twat" or "twunt" or "tard"
7. No pornography, no pics of intimate body parts, no incest jokes, no rape jokes.
8. No spam; no promotion of any commercial interest except as may be incidental to some other point.
9. Don't abuse your fellow commenters. Don't pile on or argue endlessly.

Wonkodon admins/moderators have latitude and may warn you, mute you, or ban you. We reserve the right to update the rules if people find other ways of being jerks. We love you. Please don't be assholes to each other.

Your Wonkodon Mods and Admins
November 2022


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