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And with turning in my final essay, my fall '22 semester is done! Now I await grades.

Lowest ID number because I started at school 20 years ago. And I WILL FINISH. Eventually. 💕

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My history teacher posted grades w/ student IDs on a spreadsheet. I have the lowest ID number, but the fourth highest grade 💃💃💃 at age 40, I am actively trying my best.

My daughter (age 11) felt uncomfortable in front of our home today when a grown ass man yelled from the hill above us "girly girl, don't run." (This is the third time he has yelled down, the other two times were not as creepy as this.)

I am trying to make her feel secure but it is a very "whaat in the fuccck" moment for us.

Forget getting a period, this is apparently the crossover to womanhood. Now I teach her how to hold her keys when she walks. And also teach her to "walk with purpose."

I sat on the floor in a nice hotel lobby and pet a pretend polar bear and cub. Happy near-end 2022 Folks!

I have one final essay to write by 12/20. Thank you for going on this Fall 2022 semester journey with me <3

I wish people, especially teachers (because that is what spawns this Tootering), wouldn't start emails with "Mrs." Ms. is widely accepted. Or call me by my first name. So many options other than "Mrs."

I enjoy my history class immensely; however, I am being forced to listen to Pat Buchanan's RNC speech in order to answer this question, "What are some of the ideas and issues that make up Pat Buchanan’s famous culture war speech given at the 1992 Republican Nominating Convention? " Which is fine.

But he was already coming after Hillary in 1992.

Happy birthday, @SisterArtemis! I hope you have a fantastic new age and I cannot wait until you can frequent the WonkZoomerings!

(I am copying the people who keep better calendars than I do.)

Good news, I am using my ADHD to bounce between three different assignments while completing none of them. 👏 BUT two of those assignments are history and I get to write an essay about "trace the idea of the rise of the conservative movement beginning with the election of Richard Nixon as a new coalition motivated by a desire to curb the permissive nature of liberalism"💃

More more moreeee
Sorry for the sideways, I am working on figuring out my life.

I'm leaving the country tomorrow! I have put it in my head I will do something like yoga on the beach - but I also know myself and realize yoga will be a bloody mary by the pool, away from sand.

My Fridays for the last almost three years have been spent on Zoom with a bunch of snarky nerds.

Oooof - when the Hollywood Reporter has your number.

And I realize this is the most basic and sad first post. HIIIII!!

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I am working on how to work this beautiful Mastodon. I haven't learned a new computer thingy in a spell.


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