Shit definitely did go sideways. My dad was diagnosed with stomach and liver cancer. He is being fed with a J tube. He’s home though! When he got the call about his diagnosis, his response to the doctor was, “well that sucks.” My dad was my hospice buddy with my husband and my mom. Now we do it again. We do the thing.

When shit feels like it’s going sideways, I always break out my photo albums and go through pictures. Here are my latest rediscoveries.

This is my most favorite attorney I’ve ever worked for in the 23 years in the industry. And I’ve worked /work with for amazing attorneys. But she’s numero uno. She retired in 2020. But JFC she is magic.

I hate when my ADHD gets the best of me and my executive functioning skills goes to the wolves. Why, yes! I will watch another cooking competition show.

Also, this is the semester I break my 4.0 record. And that's ok.

Look at me, being nice to myself..

My friend does a neat thing with a glass of water, two forks, one toothpick and fire.

I’ve been friends with this woman for closer to 30 years, than not. We speak in pictures now.

I have ordered this on Etsy at least four times. I love my friends enough to give them enough middle fingers for the day.

I broiled my garlic bread. And then my ADHD got the best of me and now my bread is burned. I had a timer! And hope!

I’ve gotten the same food delivery person three times in the last three weeks. He gave me what he described as “granny candy”. Aw!

Happy 2023! May your new calendar be filled with happy things!

Whilst day drinking yesterday, I met a dude! Then I started talking about politics. And then I knew a dude.

The spotty quest to find a date continues. And that is ok with me.

Look at me being all red flag shut-down at the early stages upon initial contact 👏👏👏

Still a shit show. But I know what I have! I have a bunch of takeaway containers to give to guests.
2023, more dinners with friends at home-where I slowly get rid of my own takeaway containers under the guise of nice leftovers.

I’m thinking about organizing my Tupperware cabinet. There is no actual Tupperware, but the To-Go game has been upped and I’m going to reuse the good high numbered plastic. LET’S PARTY!

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A reminder for today: The fight for democracy and social justice is long and arduous but necessary and noble.

Joni Mitchell played on the radio station I was streaming while we were opening presents. I’m going to pretend it was my mom saying hi.

Happy Merry<3 May your canned cinnamon rolls have enough icing ❤️

A bird ceased to be on my patio. The worst thing about being a single adult is that there is no rock, paper, scissors to get out of disposal. RIP wee friend.

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