My new years resolution is to start a bad habit that will be part of my 2025 resolutions.

The reality is that Trump has been found to have engaged in an insurrection and he still has the full support of the Republican Party.

He now has findings of fraud, rape, and inciting an insurrection, and the Republican Party still loves him.

It isn't that they are closing their eyes to lawbreaking. It's more than that.

They are glorifying lawbreaking, which is what people do when they believe the government is not legimitate.


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Sorry, Boeboe. The church has a lot to say, like about fornicating in public, but the state doesn’t take its cues from the Bible.

Lost in the breathless, non-stop coverage of Biden’s age is the fact that most of Trump’s former cabinet members are literally warning us he’s mentally and temperamentally unfit to serve again in office.

Press, stop creating a false presidential competency issue, like you did a false email server issue. Just stop it.

WTF has happened to our country? One party's frontrunner was unanimously adjudged a rapist by a federal jury, his namesake company was convicted of tax fraud, and he's under indictment for 91 felony counts in 4 different jurisdictions.

#Trump followers stormed the capital trying to block the peaceful transition of power. He calls them patriots and pledges to pardon them, which will only embolden more followers to commit more crimes in his name.

He attacks the prosecutors, judges and witnesses, vowing to go after them, while his followers dox the grand jurors and threaten a federal judge.

Meanwhile, the GOP sits by in silence, as if any part of this is normal??? These are warning signs of a nation on the precipice, and should not be ignored due to cowardice, or to political expediency

Can the 236 year-old American experiment in democracy survive a cult built around a dangerous and autocratic criminal?


Someone asked Midjourney to reimagine billionaires as poor

1/7 Elon Musk

House Republicans Schedule BS Biden Impeachment In Fall As Obvious Trump Indictment Counter Programming

#JillsPin for tonight on @thereidout shows how fast and furious the legal problems are growing for Trump. Indictments and judges throwing out his baseless appeals and more. Join me with @DrJasonJohnson @HeaphyTimothy @lawofruby at 6 ct.

Joe Biden Trolls Marjorie Taylor Greene by Making Her Star in His Campaign Ad. If you haven't seen the ad, you must watch. It's brilliant. via @thedailybeast

It's fun that some folks think a secret group of rich people control everything instead of the widely known group of rich people who control everything.

Composed for stationary raven but it moved. Interesting details in wing feathers.

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