@Nonilex Actual spending record..
Maybe publications could try something like this: “Former president, now convicted felon, who exploded the deficit and debt with tax cuts for corporations and the very wealthy, says he’ll reign in spending if elected again. LOL” #deficit


By a freakish coincidence, this Doonesbury comic about Nixon, the first one dropped from the Post in many years (but not Doonesbury's last) came out on May 31, 1973 - fifty-one years ago today, less one day.

Actually, Garry Trudeau can run it tomorrow morning, the exact 51st anniversary.

Just an advisory to all American friends:

His new first name is "Convicted Felon", the full name must be used henceforth:

Convicted Felon Donald Trump.

🚨BREAKING VICTORY: Supreme Court BLOCKS conservative redistricting lawsuit. Louisiana will use its congressional map with two majority-Black districts for the 2024 elections! democracydocket.com/cases/loui

It is officially 4:20 on cinco de mayo. Pray for the lost souls who have to work at Taco Bell right now

Chicken with a Pearl Earring


(with appropriate apologies to Vermeer, obvs)

#MyfanwyAndFriend #silly #nonsense #art

My new years resolution is to start a bad habit that will be part of my 2025 resolutions.

The reality is that Trump has been found to have engaged in an insurrection and he still has the full support of the Republican Party.

He now has findings of fraud, rape, and inciting an insurrection, and the Republican Party still loves him.

It isn't that they are closing their eyes to lawbreaking. It's more than that.

They are glorifying lawbreaking, which is what people do when they believe the government is not legimitate.


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Sorry, Boeboe. The church has a lot to say, like about fornicating in public, but the state doesn’t take its cues from the Bible.

Lost in the breathless, non-stop coverage of Biden’s age is the fact that most of Trump’s former cabinet members are literally warning us he’s mentally and temperamentally unfit to serve again in office.

Press, stop creating a false presidential competency issue, like you did a false email server issue. Just stop it.

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