CANADA: Federal minimum wage rising to $16.65 on April 1

USA: Federal minimum wage is $7.25, has been since 2009 ‼️

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"In a real democracy, Danielle Smith would be forced to resign for this. Anyone who finds this acceptable believes in neither the rule of law nor democracy.
Smith says she spoke to the deputy minister of justice and "let him know my dissatisfaction with the tactics" the Crown prosecutors were using to pursue #COVID-related charges. Smith also assumed that Premiers had clemency powers like U.S Governors." @EmmettMacfarlane
#Alberta #Ableg #Election29May

Bully tactics aren't working out for well it would seem. The CBCs response is excellent and, FWIW completely consistent with my own stance no matter the person, party or ideology, starting with:

"The strict independence of prosecutors, judges and the justice system from political interference is a cornerstone of Canada's democracy."

I guess for now it's popcorn time. Let's see how this plays out.

#Cdnpoli #Abpoli #Liar #Con

Danielle Smith discussed COVID charges 'almost weekly' with justice officials, according to leaked call.

Danielle Smith is a well known Liar,

Worked to undermine , gut , eviscerate the rule of law & put the fix in for her Looney Brethren, Amen

Can not be trusted

She's an Anti-vaxxer Con

It was only a matter of time before the far right brought it latest bit of fascist rhetoric from the US to Canada.

This is about basic human rights and the Canadian media #cdnmedia needs to step up, stop equivocating, and denounce this now. People are fighting for their literal existence.

This doesn't stop at Trans people either. They are attacking all our queer friends and allies. #solidarity

#cdnpoli #onpoli #TransRightsAreHumanRights #2SLGBTQIA

But good ol' Breitbart started yesterday by "just leaving this here" a story about a deeply flawed study out of the Université de Montréal arguing how transgendered students were at highest risk for violent radicalization. No link to Breitbart, but the study is here:

All this shows me is that trans kids are more at risk of suffering depression, sadly we already know this. But I'm not a psychologist. Maybe we should ask Jordan Peterson for his opinion?


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Any real journalist would recognise that unless it formed part of the motivation for the crime itself, the personal identity of the shooter, whether it be gender, religion, race, is a distraction from the real story, burying the lede as it were.

Otherwise, almost every mass shooting headline would start with "Cis White Male..."

"Fascist teen defaces synagogue" is a valid headline. "Fascist teen robs bank" is a distraction and, worse, falsely implies a motivation.


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I admit it, yesterday I was going through all the news sites I could think of checking to see who was leading with "Transgendered Woman" in their school shooting headlines. The day before it was only Fox and, in the UK, the Mirror, but yesterday I noticed the The Mirror buried a correction in the body of a follow-up story while Fox appeared to just quietly drop any mention of it entirely.

I was surprised, even OANN were leaving the 'transgendered' thing alone yesterday.


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When a nazi who claimed to identify as nonbinary shot up Club Q, the right wing disinfosphere obsessed over the shooter's gender identity and ignored the fact that the shooter is a nazi who posted homage to Breivik. They became the "nonbinary mass shooter".

When a right-wing extremist who happened to be a furry was apparently inspired by Andy Ngo to carry out a mass shooting of protestors, the right-wing dubbed him the "furry mass shooter".

When nazis who happened to listen to heavy metal and dressed differently carried out the Columbine mass shooting, the media dubbed them "the trenchoat mafia" and obsessed over heavy metal, they bever never mentioned their nazi beliefs.

"I’m sorry to break it to anyone who has trouble keeping their car out of a bike lane (or off a concrete barrier), but it’s not the bike lane’s fault you’re a shitty driver. If you hit something stationary, that’s your fault. Pay attention to the fucking road while you’re driving. It’s not too much to ask when other people’s lives are literally at stake."

#TheWarOnCars #driving #cars

Reading CBC headlines today I realized I don't even have to read some of the articles:

"As Ontario rolls in tax dollars, why are its cities so cash-strapped?"

Ford wants to brag about a balanced budget, at any cost to city services.

"Ontario minister defends covering fewer eye exams for seniors"

Ford does not believe in social spending.

"Your not imagining it - Ottawa is warmer and snowier than usual this winter"

Ford's wants new highways and to pave over the greenbelts.

More #ottawa 'yotes.

They're always around.

Generally have better things to eat than you and your pets.

A neighbour has an old Chihuahua that has some water-on-the-brain thing that requires weekly draining at the vet.

These 2 are probably watching it sleep through the windows at night.

"At 10:30AM, rather than be in his chair in the Legislative Assembly and face questions about his conduct & his budget, Doug Ford is holding a press conference in Mississauga.
This has become a regular thing. He will do anything to avoid being held accountable."

#Dofo #Onpoli #QueenPark #Ontario #Topoli

My brainworm appears to be Green Manalishi; original version, not the excellent Judas Priest remake.

from Wikipedia:
Green has explained that he wrote the song after experiencing a drug-induced dream in which he was visited by a green dog which barked at him from the afterlife. He understood that the dog represented money. "It scared me because I knew the dog had been dead a long time. It was a stray and I was looking after it.

Money dogs, amirite?

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