I think about the fediverse the way tech-savvy librarians thought about the internet in the 80s; a place of fantastic possibilities for information, knowledge, and humanity . Almost none of that ethos is currently being willfully nurtured or tapped. Maybe that culture can't be reawakened, or reinvented, but l think it's being stuck on stupid to not try; its downright reckless.

Via Chris Geidner:

NEWS: #Indiana filed its notice that it is appealing the preliminary injunction issued against enforcement of its new ban on gender-affirming care for minors (and its related aiding/abetting provision). #LGBTQ #legal t.co/HButQEV3as

This photo of the sun might not look too impressive... until you realize it was taken at night – not looking up but looking down, through the entire Earth, using neutrinos rather than light. Amazing! apod.nasa.gov/apod/ap980605.ht

46 years ago today
The Cramps, Suicide, Blondie, Patti Smith and more played at CBGB for a Punk (magazine) benefit concert, New York City, May 4, 1977.

#punk #punks #punkrock #cbgb #punklegends #history #punkrockhistory #otd

‼️🇺🇦Putin is not worth any spare missiles or drones Ukraine needs for critical military targets. Ukraine did not attack Kremlin, President Zelensky says as Nordics pledge continued support. (The Sun VIDEO) #Ukraine #Denmark #Iceland #Finland #Sweden #Norway #EU ##Mastodon #NATO #Press #News #Invasion #Russia #9yearsOfWarInUkraine #WantedDeadOrAlive

939,935 Americans have died, and 98,768,438 more cases have been reported since Trump promised he'd "immediately" sign an "order" to give out the miracle cure he got at Walter Reed, for free.

He promised it, and then he just walked away. nitter.net/realDonaldTrump/sta

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I looked this up a couple of weeks ago and I cannot believe it's been 11 years since MCA died.

@historyofpunkrock I saw them about 2 week ago (in Melbourne). Here they are singing "And if you should see Dave". Also, the current full band.

If you add me to a group chat for your MLM without asking, don't complain when I flood it with photos of Sasquatch and Mothman you didn't ask for, Brenda.

No. I can survive well enough on my own— if given the proper reading material. - Sarah J. Maas

If I he #Republicans can incite and foment an #insurrection, then crashing the economy over the #DebtCeiling must be child’s play to them.

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