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Not as brightly colored as some of my other aurora photos from Friday, but I liked the mood and composition of this one.

10:17 pm. Looking north. May 10, 2024. Flynn Township, Michigan.

#aurora #auroraborealis #michigan #photography #art #mastoart

When Tina and I went out on our first date — god, almost 20 years ago now — we went to the Mission Cultural Center for an event that Tina picked, and then over to the TL for a contemporary Tiki art opening at a now-defunct gallery that was my choice.

Yesterday I walked into the Rosebud Gallery, and realized it was that same space. It’s now a queer-run; one of the shows currently up focuses on Juanita More, who really is everywhere. There’s a really subtle rosebud mosaic on the entryway floor.

The bar next door used to be the Gangway, which was one of the longest-lasting gay bars in the city.

Thanks to all the 700 followers who follow me.

Happy #Saturday and happy #caturday!

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