Trump Posts Video Online With Newspaper Headline About ‘Unified Reich’

The 30-second video shared from Donald Trump’s Truth Social account includes World War I-era newspaper clippings alongside fictional headlines presuming a Trump victory in November. #press

Summer made it a little earlier this year. It is already hot and humid and it is not yet Memorial Day!
But, what happened to the spring, it barely showed up?

It is time ! But where is everyone else? The summer season is only starting next week🤔!

Gay Mastodon Complaint 😔 

Gay Mastodon is moving toward the same putridness of Gay Twitter. The "I'm a real #ghey and real gheys hate sportsball" is some of the most exclusive, heteronormative bullshit (yeah gheys, they programmed you to think "real gheys" aren't into sports). the same asshats use their (relatively) massive reach/clout here to try to put you down and make you compliant with their demands for what this space should be. 🤮 let everyone be themselves #pride #gay #gaypride #gaysports

Donald Trump's 'Glitch' During NRA Speech Raises Questions
Trump stopped speaking for more than 30 seconds while addressing thousands of members of the National Rifle Association in Dallas.
40 uses from 40 accounts #toplink

A new study shows that people who were repeatedly vaccinated for COVID-19 generated antibodies capable of neutralizing a wide range of SARS-CoV-2 variants and even some distantly related coronaviruses.

#News #COVID #Vaccination #Medicine #Research

Found another friend hanging out at the wetlands looking for fish snacks. Their necks are amazing! 🐟🦩

#birds #heron #Colorado

I should not but this made me lough so hard
“beach blonde, bad built, butch body”

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