Soundtrack for my afternoon’s worworkout!

May be not the best recording, but the voice in 1952 (her first studio recording) is fascinating.

Not much energy…

And I have to go back to my diet and routine after Thanksgiving!

“ And his performance is reason alone to return to this “Tannhäuser,” in Otto Schenk’s dusty and unfashionable, but utterly lovable, production from the 1970s.”

This morning soundtrack, Norma 1952 live at Covent Garden. Clotilde is … la Stupenda, Joan Sutherland.

As a preparation for tomorrow’s anniversary, I am listening to this first studio recording of Lucia by La Callas.
June Anderson was exceptional in this role… so is La Callas!

New York photographer Jerry Cooke gives us this 1940 image of light streaming into Grand Central Terminal through a large window.

#FensterFreitag #WindowFriday #NewYork #GrandCentralStation

I lost my brother on 03/08/92. He died of AIDS. He was 39 and I was 27. I never, never forget this day.

No Fox News on the gym’ s monitor tonight, great !

What a great artist the tenor is. His last visit to was five years ago!
Though he was recovering from a cold, the divo triumphed!

Good morning New York! It is 27 F and it feels like 19 F 🥶!
Stay warm!

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