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Here's something I've been working on. This is an early draft. These are not final colors, I work bold and bright in the early stages when I do vectors. I also use some transparency effects while I'm working. It helps to see how things overlap.

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I assure you, I am quite clever and funny when I'm not being a self-righteous pedantic bore.

The cosmic Tramp Stamp on my soul reads:


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Saw a graphic that said "you're the CEO of your life"

I wish! Because that would mean I'm overpaid, get a bonus even if I fail, and don't do any of the actual work.

It's more like I'm the shift manager of my life.

Markwayne Mullin is such joke.

What kind of immature dork do you have to be to try to start a fistfight at work? In Congress?
During a hearing?

That wasn't manly, that was sad, pathetic, desperate, and unprofessional. Somebody didn't get enough hugs. Somebody has small genitals or an unusual kink he's VERY insecure about.

We don't need to see anymore of his sad impotent rage. He's so childish.

Recently, I ordered some items from a retailer. I got my stuff weeks ago.

Well, I just noticed they refunded me. They apologized and said they lost track of my package, and since they don't know what happened to it - they gave me a refund, store credit.

For a brief moment I felt bad, then I used that credit to put in a new order.

I was getting my acronyms twisted and was trying very hard with ACAB

Assigned Cop at Birth? No, that's not right.

Do not be so arrogant to think whatever comes out of your mouth is THE truth.

Though you may not be lying, that doesn't mean what you are saying is true. Though it may be honest, sincerity doesn't make it fact.

Your opinion doesn't turn into a reality no matter how stridently you believe it.

So spare me your "I tell the truth, and some people don't like it."

No, people don't like YOU because you say mean things and pretend you have a moral obligation to be insulting.

With all those 80s confusing clock design choices, picking style over functionality, I literally COULDN'T read a clock. It was missing half or most of the information I needed. Analog clocks became decor. Melding into the background. I forgot they were there half the time. Digital clocks didn't ask me to interpret them, they just reinforced how to read the HH:mm format.
Like teaching someone to type and then expecting them to use a keyboard with no symbols on any of the keys.

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One thing that I think led to the downfall of analog clocks is all the unreadable clocks in the 1980s. It was quite fashionable to have a clock missing some/all of the numbers, using an ornate or tiny font, using roman numerals, having no marks or numbers at all, just the hands (which were less distinct and harder to tell apart) and a blank face - perfectly fine for adults who've been looking at normal clocks for decades - but a next-level challenge for kids still trying to remember the basics.

Don't make your job your identity.
You can be proud and happy and geek out, but please have interests outside of your job and its adjacent industries. Sex is not a hobby or "interest". If you're just about working and fucking, you're going to be boring AF outside those two things.

I'm a graphic designer and I love it. But I barely talk about it outside of work and I don't have any designer friends. Not as a rule, I just find a lot of designers to be pretentious snobs with few exceptions.

Sometimes, I think about people from my past. Part of me misses them. Not enough to actually contact them, though.

It's come to my attention: a lot of my "friendships" were just me following around someone who didn't really like me much at all. Put a lot of effort into people who didn't want it, nor deserve it. I cried a lot over it, too.

I've tried to reconnect with a few people but it doesn't work. They give me new contact info, and then don't respond to me.

Those experiences do NOT belong to you. They do NOT belong to your organization.

Those experiences belong to the people who had them, not your org. You don't get to claim credit for other people's history.

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"Let's add up the ages or years of experience of everyone in the company so we can claim our org has 1,000 years of experience."

How is this NOT pathetic?

Your company is a year old, you don't have 1000 years of ANYTHING.

Along with sports, beer, cars, and sex with women -- the Roman Empire is yet another "male" thing I don't give two shits about.

And there are men who think about it all the time? I honestly don't get that.

I mean, I loved "Spartacus", but that had more to do with Manu Bennett's pecs than anything else. Oh, and Lucy Lawless.

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You know, two asian ladies aren't my first choice as Loki's new look, but it's bold enough that I am intrigued.

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Angry Feminist Rant:

Women comedians don't talk about their vaginas nearly as much as men talk about women comedians talking about their vaginas. It blows men's minds when all comedy isn't tailored to them.

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So I followed an NSFW account on Pixelfed, with THIS handle.
Forgot that this morning when I logged in from work. 😳

Had to quickly unfollow.😅
(and follow with a different account 😈 )

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