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Saw a graphic that said "you're the CEO of your life"

I wish! Because that would mean I'm overpaid, get a bonus even if I fail, and don't do any of the actual work.

It's more like I'm the shift manager of my life.

"Thanks to the person that mentioned a reality I'd prefer to ignore and assumed everyone would be self-censoring out of respect for parents. Now my kid has reasonable questions! It's like you don't even think of parents as more important than you! Don't you know you're supposed to be ashamed of not being normal? What happened to civility?"

You used it to shame and control people, they were smart enough to figure it out, and now nobody wants to play your silly game.

On bigotry:
I would think something called "The Natural Order" would not need human defense.

One would think it would be self-sustaining, without the need for conscious human agents to notice and then act. Nature was powerful enough to create us, why would it need us now?

Seems like it would be impossible to defy the natural order, or involve more effort than two dudes kissing.

"Order" that delicate would fail long before humans figured out stone tools.

The Best:

It's still dark out, the sound of shuffling in the other room.

The clatter of his little claws gently hitting the floor.

Tip, tap, pit, pat, tap, tap, tippy tapping closer.

*Y A W W w w nnnn ssssSSTREEeeetTTCHHH!"


Sleepy look that says, "WTF are you doing up?" and the he pops up onto the couch, curls up between some pillows. Zonks immediately.

I'm stuck in that lame bluetooth loop.

1. Pair BT Mouse with device A.
2. Pair BT Mouse with device B.
3. BT Mouse can no longer connect to device A.
4. RE-pair BT with device A.
5. BT Mouse can no longer connect to device B, now.
6. RE-pair BT with device B.
7. Set self on fire.

It's good to see that this resonates with other white folks. We all need to be more vocal about this, myself included. It's very easy for me to say this on the Internet behind the safety of a cartoon avatar.

For me that means I need some go-to phrases and sentences, and I practice saying them so that when the situation arises, I have something at the ready. I have improv training, but I'm more of a scripted guy.

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I'm glad the earbuds held in by silicone nubs are falling out of fashion.
They don't make a silicone nub that fits both my ears. They all fall out because those nubs are either too big or too small.
Twice I've lost earbuds because one fell out. One was lost in thick grass, another fell out and bounced off the train platform onto the tracks. I've had to return others because they would not stay in my ears.

I pretty much have to have the ones that hook around my ears.

This is a post from @AnarchoNinaWrites in July.

I bookmarked it because I often lose faith in humanity---even though I try not to---and I need to read stuff like this to remind myself why I must keep faith.

The bookmarked posting is from the old server she is no longer on, so to share it, I can only do it as an image.

Enjoy reading it and keep faith.

"The fact is, Satanism, the way people like Michael Knowles or Mike Warnke or Jack Chick or Lara Logan conceive of it, literally just does not exist. This oddly corporate, multi-level marketing Satanism that only someone who has been a born again their whole lives could possible come up with."Β

We should be cautious and skeptical with fascists, but we shouldn't be terrified of them, they are mostly talk, and they are often very very dumb.

Their dumbness is part of what makes them so terrible when they have power.

Take the threat they represent seriously, but don't actually make decisions out of fear of their response. Don't be bullied.

Remember, they threatened civil war over both impeachments, and when Trump was indicted, and it didn't happen.

When I first heard of the concept of NFTs, it seemed stupid. Why would someone pay for that?

I had people encouraging me, because I'm an artist, so I looked into it. The fact that the markets are all crypto was a red flag. The fact that crypto is fractional, seems designed to obscure the value and halt direct comparisons to real money. Like the way survey companies reward you in points you have to convert to cash.

It seemed like a con. Definitely unethical. Now it's over. Good.

GOP already white whining about being blamed for the government shutdown.

Yeah, that's how cause and effect work.

A party that doesn't want to govern, doesn't trust the public with facts, and takes the country hostage to try to ram thru meritless BS the public hates - is going to be held responsible for their childish shenanigans.

FYI, water is wet.

When it's just white people, it can and does get boring AF. I am more invisible than ever in a monochromatic environment. In diverse environments, I always feel like I learn a lot of new things, respectful curiosity is encouraged, and there is often a better sense of community.
Not always, you have to have good leaders: but that's also the thing, I've met far more useless mediocre white people who failed upwards into a management role than any other race.

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Really do not understand the assumed loyalty and solidarity that White Supremacists expect from us sane white folks.
Oh Cracker, if I rounded up all of the people who have screwed me over, abused me, betrayed me, or terrorized me over the last 4 decades there wouldn't be one black, brown, asian, immigrant, or indigenous face in the lot. Just a sea of alabaster, eggshell, and ivory.

It's no contest, I get treated waaay better in diverse environments.

To me, your religion is like your sex life; it's fine if you want to tell me who you're with, but I don't need the fine details.

And no, I don't want to join you.

I once met Mike Milken.
He was on the board of directors at a company I worked at, and he came in for a photoshoot with...everyone.

For a full day, one by one, every employee had to get their picture taken with Mike Milken. So somewhere, there's a picture of me in my 20s shaking hands with this ghoul.

He was nice, and just as creepy in person as he looks in this photo:

Someone was claiming the yuppies of the 1980s were Gen X(1965-1980).

No, the oldest Gen X kid would have been 15 in 1980, turning 21 in 1986. You don't get Gen Xers old enough to have corporate jobs until the very end of the 1980s.

The yuppies of the 1980s were mostly the tail end of the Baby Boomers.

If you want to talk crap Gen X people, there's Bezos and Zuckerberg. Don't blame us for the 80s, most of us were kids.

SO, the defense here is that she’s a terrible union member, completely uninterested in knowing even basic things about the organization she joined and gives money to on the regular, for 4 decades. People should cut her slack because she doesn’t give a fuck about her union.

That's a take, I suppose.

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while that might be a defense, it's actually worse than her simply being clueless.

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Weird argument with someone who thinks Drew Barrymore "didn't know" about unions and strikes --- even though she's been in the entertainment industry since she was seven. She's 48.

Dude, unions aren't quiet, they send you literature and emails and there are meetings. They set stuff up at film shoots, there's a union rep on set typically.

So Drew would have had to pay money to a union and then completely ignore it in every way possible. For 4 decades.

When you talk to "insensitive" people you often find that details and emotions overwhelm and scare them, so they knee jerk repress emotions and stop paying attention to details.

Just like someone who is illiterate sometimes hates books. The person accusing you of being "too sensitive" can't handle anyone's emotions, even their own, especially not yours.
You remind them of THEIR weakness.

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