boats beating against
the tide; you'll need a pair o'
docks to tie them fast

Nutcracker stage set:
Bright, glittering, magical -
Come Jan., it’s plywood.

“Sushi Volcano”:
Tower of rice, raw fish and
My soy sauce lava

Sorry, snooty bird
grunted the big mastodon.
These are my friends now!

Good Morning, ! Cool, wet day in but at the moment feeling upbeat and positive while I drink . Come say Hi!

I don't know how to put a wet head on a Swiffer. There's a dry head, and some cheap looking cloths, and I don't know how it all goes together.

Our Christmas garland-
December: bright, virile green
March: brown, sorta meh

East River ferries
honking migrating mallards
above frigid spume

Just ordered two pairs of workout leggings in Medium - go me!

I had a twitter account and never learned how to use it properly. Now I'm here with no friends and no community, and scream into that weird white-on-black void.


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