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@mvario @tek Lists apply to accounts you follow. So this "use case" is: I want to follow them, I don't want them in my Home feed (filter them out). I want to see them when I click on a List. Hmmm. More experiments.

@mvario @tek
Yeah, lists not cutting it for my need to manage my Local and Federated timelines on a daily basis. Lists seem just a way to group certain accounts for focused viewing.

@mvario @tek
Thanks. I missed that feature. Time to experiment. Probably not going to filter you out, though. 😁

@admin @tek @mvario Milburn, I think Mastodon is lacking in some features to filter posts in the Home and Federated timelines. In those views, you see posts for accounts that have been followed or boosted by others. That's why you get to see that overly active Ukrainian War account. The filter option does not allow you to suppress it as needed. Instead, you can mute the account, which removes it entirely. It would be great if a user defined filter could be applied to each timeline.

I would add an additional "defense" against people you follow that are just too active. I'm working on that now. They tend to dominate my Home and Federated feeds, and I want to follow them, but I don't want to see them every 2 or 3 posts.

The possible solution is "Lists", which you populate with the accounts of the people you follow and want to see. Click on List, see their posts.

My list called "Preferred Journos" will exclude some of the excessively chatty ones.

@tek I have had similar feelings. My advice is: 1) understand you have 3 feeds, Local, Home, Federated, and each has different rules for what appears, 2) As you follow more people, the Home and Federated feeds grow out of proportion, because they include posts boosted by people you follow, and 3)You can mute or block anybody that appears in any feed and you will not see them again. No posts will appear from any centralized algorithm or promotion. You have control.

@josh Thanks, Josh. Thought-provoking. I'm an admin on a small, new Mastodon instance, and also a recently retired professional with experience in IT and corporate governance. The Mastodon world seems like a blank slate; or else I'm just not tapped into the governance community. I'm looking. I think bluegrass is undergoing a sort of revival, with all kinds of fusion going on. A great crop of young musicians jamming with old-timers. I'll have to look for "punk" bluegrass. :-)

@mvario I reject the phrase "political comeback" being applied to whatever Ms. Palin has been doing lately.

I will accept "vanity project". 🙄

I used to live in CT. I would read this in a campy voice. But it has its appeal.

Gov. Wilbur Cross on Nov. 12, 1936.

Time out of mind at this turn of the seasons when the hardy oak leaves rustle in the wind and the frost gives a tang to the air and the dusk falls early and the friendly evenings lengthen under the heel of Orion, it has seemed good to our people to join together in praising the Creator and Preserver, who has brought us by a way that we did not know to the end of another year...

@RC Local feed: you are seeing everybody who posts on wonkodon only (followed or not), Home feed, everybody you follow, or boosted by someone you follow (and its says "boosted by..."), and Federated feed, everybody "known" to wonkodon

Short answer, no convenient flag...but in your Home feed, it's followed or boosted.

Good morning - Religious right 

Good morning!

Today is Tuesday, November 22.

The religious right continues to loom large over the Republican Party. And they continue to be a driving force behind the GOP turn toward more extreme ideology. This article just came out this morning.

via Salon

It's not just Trump: Midterms show the religious right is an albatross around the GOP's neck
#News #GOP #Extremism

Firstly, I'd just like to say thank you to all the people who have liked, boosted and commented on my images, and to all the new followers I have. It's rather humbling. 😊

Today's shot comes from a magical day in the Scottish #Highlands, a few years ago, when I was photographing red squirrels.

These charming characters are incredibly agile and can jump great distances between trees.

Here I managed to capture one as it appears to be flying down my lens.

#redsquirrel #scotland #wildlife #fun

First Draft
This is a test DM to myself. This was suggested as a way to create a post as a draft. I think this works only on apps that support some sort of copy, delete and post feature. Here goes...

Second Draft
OK, I'm back. This is an edit of my first draft. The feature to change a draft (DM) to final (regular Post) is "Delete and Redraft", found in the ... menu when you view your draft DM.

Final (visible)
The process all explained at

@Toka A further note about DM's (Direct Messages). They are just regular posts set to be visible to only one account. It is possible togo back to a DM and change the settings to make it much more visible. Feature or bug? I'll go with feature. I think this can be used to DM yourself to create a sort of a "draft" post.

@Toka Good stuff. A mastodon hint: If you have a connected series of posts, you can make a "thread" by creating a first post, and then for each subsequent post, replying to the previous one. That makes for a more compact browsing and reading experience for the rest of.


Q: “Republicans enact policies that hurt their own constituents.

So why do people vote for them?”

A: It has to do with the purpose of government.

For some people, purpose of government is to help people. We think fairness is possible and the government's job is to create fairness.

Others have a different view.

They think there’s a natural order: Some people belong on top; others at the bottom.

They think people with money and power deserve their money and power.


@AFinLA Yes, strange things crawl out of the desert now and then. Anyway, her position is incoherent. She and Paul Gosar should have interesting conversations. Sigh.

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