@elonjet I have no other info, but sometimes short hops like this are for maintenance reasons or as a test flight following maintenance.

@pkrugman As the son and nephew of men who were in the US Navy during WWII, and as a younger friend of men who fought in Vietnam, I can't reconcile the RW promotion of thuggish warriors with the reality of who has gone to war, and who has returned home to resume regular life. The RW world view is awash in fantasies.

@admin @SisterArtemis My memories are coming back to me...Too many damn all-nighters.

@jamiehowarth0 I'm using Tusky on my android phone. I think the interface is readily understandable. Good luck!

My Federated feed is all abuzz...

the man, the legend, the erratum.

@echuta Maybe @anathema_device is another to follow. Better yet, checkout any comment thread at the bottom of a Wonkette article if you want the unapologetic version.

@mvario You are showing in my Federated feed, as expected, even though I am not following you.

@echuta @wonkette_bot Aye. As a denizen of the Wonkette "non-comment" threads, the snark is well informed and blistering. It's 99% "content warning". BTW, we Wonkeroos got ourselves a Mastodon instance recently. It's civil. :-)

@DaveMasonDotMe If the server has a public local feed, you can just point your web browser at the server. For example, I just went to mastodon.social, it sent me to a public page, and I clicked on the Local link...and here's a post that looks familiar 🙂

@GottaLaff I'm just here to snark about my home State, and say, "It's a dry hate."

@marcelias just a big thank you for whatever efforts you have expended for the fights in Arizona. I did my homework, I voted, I want it to count. Bluish AZ feels a lot better than the alternative.

@georgetakei I would like to see Elon Musk run for the Senate, opposing Ted Cruz.

OK, I may be a bit desensitized to the circus music right now.

@TappinLisa @mvario @tek OK, deal breaker for me with filters?

In testing the feature, it appears to apply to the text portion of posts, but not to the account name or account address.

I have not been successful using a filter to eliminate posts from an account I follow from my Home feed, but which posts I can still see in the Federated feed.

@TappinLisa @mvario @tek I'm already seeing, if you follow enough accounts, Home feed is the place for curation. Federated feed is for when you are bored and want something new.

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