Hello architects or city planners, or whoever it is that thinks that arty-farty concrete plazas are good "public space" in new developments. Can't we just have actual parks instead, based on soil and trees and flowers instead of a huge concrete slab with sad plants in occasional glorified pots? What is so hard about this? Do we have to start appointing squirrels and beavers to planning committees? Frankly, at the moment, I think they'd do a better job. #ConcreteOut #SquirrelsIn #Cities

@zazzoo @SisterArtemis Indeed. The updates from 3.5.5 to 4.0.2 require database migration. I’m going to wait for v4 to become more mature before I update. And even then I’m going to try to test run using another VM before I do it with the live server.

@BigBoppa @MateodelSol @ziggywiggy @SchrodingersCat

I non-comment on Wonkette with Safari and have had the least issues with Disqus. It will slow down sometimes but it's much more stable.

Canon 60Da - Meade 8-inch f/10 Schmidt- Cassegrain telescope ISO 200, 10 sec

@phocks Thanks for following me. I just set this server up today mostly for Wonkers from Wonkette.com. But anyone is welcome to make this a home.

It's a Droplet at Digital Oceans with S3 storing the user cruft.

For $dayjob I'm sysops at Safran Cabin, an aerospace company out of France.

For music I'm mostly Pink Floyd, Dead, and other 60-80s good rock.

I also do ham radio and emergency management for the Tulalip Tribes where I live.

@SchrodingersCat Weird. Maybe it's something about following.

I'll play more after dinner.

@SchrodingersCat So true. I keep thinking I see a tail out of the corner of my eye.❤️

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