@phocks Thanks for following me. I just set this server up today mostly for Wonkers from But anyone is welcome to make this a home.

It's a Droplet at Digital Oceans with S3 storing the user cruft.

For $dayjob I'm sysops at Safran Cabin, an aerospace company out of France.

For music I'm mostly Pink Floyd, Dead, and other 60-80s good rock.

I also do ham radio and emergency management for the Tulalip Tribes where I live.

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@milburn Thanks for setting this up, I need it for research purposes. I've never had a twitter account, but I've been able to see enough without one. For this platform it seems like you really need an account.

@milburn @phocks

Hey! Just signed up, followed a link on the Twitterpocalypse story posted by PhoenixDogLover.

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