So 'boosted' is some kind of erm boost (yuck) by someone you erm follow? How do you make it stop then? Apart from the obvious. As in is there a filter of some kind

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Meaning you don't want to see what the people you follow boost? You can set your Home timeline to NOT show boosts. When I click on that little icon on the top right of the Home column, I get these options.

Also, maybe if certain people you follow are excessively boosty, you can change the settings on the people you follow, by clicking the 3 dots by the follow/unfollow button. You can choose "Hide boosts from..."

@TappinLisa @mikkaW
I usually use boost to re-woot posts I see n the fediverse that I think others on Wonkodon might like. AFAIK, they only appear on the ’home’ page. I don’t think that’s any different from re-tweeting on the bird site. There’s no point in boosting other Wonkers because we see each other’s posts anyway.

@BigBoppa @TappinLisa @mikkaW "because we see each other’s posts anyway" Only if you're following them!

@anathema_device @TappinLisa @mikkaW I see posts from Wonkers I don't yet follow on the 'local' tab. That's how I find people to follow.

@BigBoppa @mikkaW
You *could* boost other Wonkers if you have non-wonkodon followers that you would like to share with. I think I've boosted some Cally and ziggy posts to share their election activism and photos.

@TappinLisa @mikkaW So far I only have a few followers from outside of our cozy Wonkodon home so I hadn't even thought of that. Now I'll keep it in mind.

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