I should be writing

I should be writing

I should be writing

Why am I not writing

I have my photos available for purchase as prints. The website is a work in progress, but I have set up a way for prints to be purchased via email. Info under each pic. Any questions feel free to ask here. ziggywiggypics.com/

"We protect ourselves. We’ll fight for our own. We always have. We’ll mourn. We’ll raise money. We’ll organize. And we’ll keep fighting, until all of us are safe, everywhere.
But tonight, I’m going to a gay bar. Maybe there’ll be a drag show."


It's worth remembering that the man who attacked the Pittsburgh synagogues in 2018 did so because of their work welcoming and resettling refugees, including Muslims turned away from other countries because of Islamophobia

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It’s better to have no literary agent than a bad literary agent.

But how can #AmQuerying #authors tell good from bad while navigating the choppy waters of today’s #publishing industry?

This article provides tips for spotting unscrupulous, incompetent, or predatory “schmagents” with more red flags than a Love Is Blind beach party episode, along with some thoughts on literary agency best practices and green lights.

By me at Medium’s Writing Cooperative:



Light up night. 3 tree lightings, 4 fireworks shows, Joan Jett main stage. Her hit is 40 yrs ago. Too damn cold to go dawntawn.

@meccalopolis follow back: click on their name, that takes you to their profile, click the icon on the right, it turns blue, you're folloing them.
see replies: click on the thread to open it. It doesn't expand in the list like twitter, it's a new page, you can back button when done.

Two questions: people are following me and I want to follow them back, also how do you see others' replies in the thread?

Belated intro post 

Hm...dunno where to start this.
I'm a tech worker in a network/voip support role with a psych degree and various interests including science, art, anime, music, video, and cooking. Mexican/indigenous and proud member of the rainbow coalition. 🏳️‍🌈

Came back to Masto after a good egg made an instance for some wonderful, delightful weirdos who I rather enjoy talking to.

Guess that'll do for now.

MastoWonk needs a virtual holidays of all persuasions card exchange.

Thanks Milburn for setting this up.
This is from the app on Android, assume it's better than browser on phone, or they're equivalent?

Thanks, Uncle M.! Nice to be here; nice to see some friendly faces already.

Indeed, if you include all the members of Congress who discussed or asked for pardons, the number grows longer, in addition to Perry, including at least Matt Gaetz, Andy Biggs, Louie Gohmert, and Marjorie Taylor Greene. Jordan, Perry, Gaetz, Biggs, Gohmert, and Marge would amount to most of the probable seven person majority in the House.

Looking for my pals from Wonkette. Have found a few.

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