.@Microsoft Bing Image Creator is Republican. It will render Hillary in prison but not Trump in prison. The latter is a content policy violation that will get your account suspended.

However, it WILL render 'potus 45 prison'

Evie was more or less in this position all day. She’s boycotting winter.

Yooooo you guys I'm slowly getting Farm to Taber shaped up into a proper podcast.

Here it is on Apple Podcasts! And the Whaling & Agribusiness episode is now public!


I made a rum Manhattan-style and it hit all the right notes for a day like today. But I decided it needed to be on the rocks, ‘cause that’s just how I roll.


Huge ostrich feather headpieces are one of the costumes made by the Kersten family for Belgium's celebrated Binche carnival, one of Europe's oldest street carnivals. This year, the family is celebrating the 120th anniversary of running the business reut.rs/3XJVoQs

Chocolate was one of the most desired foods of Mesoamerica and was consumed by the Olmec, Maya, and Aztec civilizations, amongst others. Its consumption even spread via trade routes to other parts of the Americas including the Chaco Canyon in modern New Mexico. The earliest known use of chocolate was by the Olmec around 1900 BCE and, enjoyed as a drink, it was drunk from special round jars kno...worldhistory.org/Chocolate_in_ #Agriculture #AztecCivilization #ChacoCanyon #History

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