How Can You Help the #InternetArchive?

1. Use The Internet Archive Site

2. Save websites via "Save Page Now" browser tool

3. Become a patron to get a free "library card"

4. Curate & Upload to the Archive

5. Tell People That the Internet Archive Exists

6. Browse The Many, Many Collections

7. Take care of yourself and the people you care about.

Might have found my people! Right now I cannot get this outta my head. Noah Kahan - Season of the Sticks

This is my first use of social media since abandoning it a few years. After a dark period I guess I missed it a bit. I don't share much, just not in my nature. But I am gonna try to do some. To that end, sharing today's earworm and hope link works:

This never gets old. Been here nearly 2 years and still run to the window to watch these visitors.

It's really cool that Twitter shuts down in stages over two months so that the Mastodon servers aren't overloaded all at once, very thoughtful of them!

Hello mastodon. When I type mastodon my autocorrect suggests masturbate. We’re going to get along just fine.

I'm not planning to change my Twitter username from "Evan Greer is on Mastodon," which apparently may or may not violate Musk's latest anti-speech policy of banning promotion of alternative social media sites so...

...getting banned on Twitter feels like it's a matter of when not if at this point.

Can folks give this a boost so others here can find me? Time to rebuild!


For the non-commenters at