My neurospicyness is extra spicy tonight and I don’t like it. I’m like that receipt that says ‘make him regret being born” under the spiciness level but with my brain right now.

Three kittens for you, Friend? Left to right: Waffles, Pancake and Muffin. Not pictured: older brother Biscuit.

@AnarchoNinaWrites Wait, you mean I'm supposed to make my own decisions?


This is anarchy!

"You seem tense..."

Yeah I dunno, it's not like nazis just organized rallies nationwide, in the place I live, specifically about how I'm corrupting their children just by breathing and it would be better if even KNOWING people like me exist was against the law.

Throw in that I am literally the only trans person in my entire town, so when these fucked up hick nazis decide to "purge the shemales" they really only have ME to fucking work with, and I'd say I'm a bit "on edge."


Shoutout to antifascists holding that ground.

Big ups. No qualifiers at all. Big fucking ups.

(This is me sincere posting; I'm so bad at it, but that's my heart there.)

Despite supportive breeding in the last 20 years, we found evidence for loss of genetic diversity in Rio Grande silvery minnow in the last 10 years, after several consecutive years of severe drought.

This is your periodic reminder that John Wayne represents the very worst role model for men.


This post has *everything*, bugs, bobbins, lace, scenic vistas, hash tags, gadgets.

Might as well be New York's hottest club.

#WIPWednesday. I decided that I needed to make some #IpswichLace in actual #IpswichMA. And I really needed a beach day. It was wonderful--a perfect summer day. Stunning

Had to briefly stop when this small ladybug decided to check out my #BobbinLace pillow.

Been observing the fight to negotiate medicare drug prices carefully. It’s the right thing to do. It’s depriving some very wealthy and powerful people of a lot of money and they can’t be happy about it. I’m looking for the blowback. I’m always curious how these targets are chosen— the slow addition of drugs is a bit of political genius that flips the script. No one wants to get dinged again. Some won’t.

They gotta be so pissed.

It took John Fetterman’s hoodie, not the years of lies, chaos, corruption, & a coup against the constitution of the United States to enrage the Senate GOP.

The Gruesome Story of How Neuralink’s Monkeys Actually Died - sickening abuse of intelligent creatures by musk's neuralink venture

As an ocean scientist arriving to give a talk on my book about the ocean, I’m very impressed that the hotel has both book chocolate and crab chocolate.
#science #books #chocolate

#Ottawa Residents: “Can we have #safestreets?”

@Ottawacity: “How about some reflective armbands?”

The City’s #VictimBlaming campaign continues this week with an event at City Hall (Sept 21, 3-5pm) that includes handing out armbands.

Follow along. 🧵 1/7

The Florida Four are accused of Jane’s Revenge styled graffiti on three fake clinics in South and Central Florida, facing 10-12 years in federal prison.

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Via Fred Guttenberg:

#Trump said "Democrats are able to kill the baby after birth." Beyond this being a truly dumb lie, here are facts.

My baby was killed after birth because of #GunViolence. Republicans, by blocking gun violence prevention, apparently support killing babies after birth.


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