As of today I've been sober for 34 years.

Forbidden Desire in Early Modern Europe: Male-Male Sexual Relations, 1400-1750, by Noell Malcolm ad @amazon

Light rainfall @ the moment. Almost an inch of snow accumulated on the ground overnight. More snow may fall in the afternoon and evening.

29 degrees F at moment. When temperature goes above 32, I'll go out and rake some leaves.

I heard a noise @ the door and went to see who was there. It was a tufted titmouse who wanted a peanut.

Listening to Jonas Kaufmann's album of songs from movies. The voice isn't very pleasant and the enunciation is often not good enough. The whole thing is at least slightly tacky.

I still don't like Threads, but it's slightly more tolerable since I found out how to block.

Air quality index Blue Hills, Milton MA =9, and Sharon MA = 2.

air quality index Blue Hills, Milton MA = 129, unhealthy for sensitive groups

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As Rebecca at says, more vinegar?

"Common disinfectant wipes expose people to dangerous chemicals, research reveals

Researchers say wipes contain chemical group called ‘quats’, which are linked to serious health problems"

I've just found that I can use a Q-tip to clean the lens of my laptop's camera. It had become clouded because I had carelessly left the laptop open on the kitchen table on numerous occasions when I was cooking with a frying pan.

I'm listening to Jauchzet Gott in allen Landen from Heavenly Bach - Arias & Cantatas of J.S. Bach by Amanda Forsythe, Apollo's Fire & Jeannette Sorrell on Amazon Music. ad

Unverified report: Twitter Employees Have Reportedly Had Their Building Access Suspended and Musk is Being Suspiciously Quiet

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I am not usually into French Baroque music but this is pretty good!

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