“When desired, trifluoro acetic acid may be dried by the addition of trifluoro acetic anhydride”

@Alice my friend Will lost power, he’s in Crocker Highlands. He did not appreciate my “Will power” joke. Some people have no sense of humor

This is a pic of my friend’s pussycat Simba when I was over her place having lunch yesterday. No filters, no effects, just a Nikon 35mm f/1.8 wide open with some incredibly advantageous lighting.

I once knew a lass from Malaysia
Who had authored a tome on crustacea
Her dad hailed form Russia, or maybe from Prussia?
Her great aunt, perhaps, Anastasia

@Alice hows Shakewell on Lakeshore? Asking for a friend…

@Alice here we go. The “QO 166” on my shirt stands for “qualified observer”. You got that after you passed an astronomy course at my local astronomy club, you were then allowed to use the big telescope at the observatory.
So this pic was taken in the summer of 1981 by me and is of course a double exposure, showing that I was *not* a slave to fashion. So I’m 16 in this pic.

My mom got me the shirt. My “idgaf” attitude means I wore it whenever it was the top one in my dresser.

Mirror, mirror, on the wall, who’s the ferrous one of all?

@Alice hey you know where I can get some holy coronation oil? It’s kind of time sensitive. Non-GMO would be preferred

Venus and Jupiter through my 47cm f/4.8 reflector with 35 mm eyepiece, iphone SE

Moon last night, iphone SE held up to the eyepiece of a 12.5" home made dob. Had a few hours where it cleared up. the seeing was terrible, Jupiter was frying like an egg, but the moon at low power was OK#astronomy

I was thinking of making a documentary about natural processing of olives. I was going to call it Ferrous Gluconate’s Day Off

This morning from the Oakland hills. 105 mm nikon lens, 20 images stacked, 0.7 second exposure f/2.8, ISO 6400. I could *barely* make it out naked eye. Darker skies I'm sure it would have been no problem


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