"The road to fascism is lined with people telling you to stop overreacting." - The Internet

See, for white society in general, it does not matter if you as a Black person are "highly intelligent," a "gifted soul," or not. The very first thing they see, and often the ONLY thing they see is your Blackness. You could be a dual Juilliard and Harvard grad with a PhD in neuroscience - if you knock on the wrong white person's door, all they will see is "Negro savage." They killed Elijah McClain. They killed John Crawford. They roughed up Henry Louis Gates for going into his *OWN HOUSE.*

Respectability politics will not save us. Only anti-racism will.

I'm so tired, y'all.

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People really need to understand how mainstream it has become in some tech VC circles to argue that journalism itself is dangerous as an idea and should be abolished, and that it will be up to the tech world to carry this out.

There are many legitimate reasons to track Elon Musk's flight coordinates, for example to offer him ads more relevant to his interests

Is 2023 the year people stop having meetings that could have been emails?

Sources say it's highly unlikely, because some people like to look busy.

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Normalize Black people coming to this app being safe to speak their minds. What we bring up might abut internal discomfort and biases that you might hold. That is not the minoritized person’s responsibility, though, to educate you, coddle you, to do the work for you. It is your responsibility to not create yet another space where Black people are marginalized or silenced.
I’ve been calculated about bringing this up and now is the time.💖✊🏽
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Just a note from a psychiatrist: with yet another shooting, conservatives will try to tie mental illness to the reason. This is wrong, creates more stigma for people living with mental illness, and mental illness does not cause homophobia.
It’s still the white nationalism and guns.
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When I get to 100,000 followers on Mastodon I will officially bring Mastodons back from extinction.

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On the rare occasions that I criticize @fordnation, I sometimes get this absolutely scathing reply from Ford fans, “Now do Trudeau!”
Today I’m taking their advice.

Doug refused to testify at the #EmergenciesActInquiry. PMJT spent five hours testifying.

Happy now, ding dongs?


I wonder which costs more a day, the debt Elon added or the ad dollars he drove away.

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I think it's important to recognize that the Twitter deal wasn't an old-school LBO, where 85-90% of the purchase was debt-financed. Musk and his partners paid for most of the deal themselves, meaning they actually have quite a lot to lose if Twitter were to go bankrupt.

Just before the election, Right Wing propagandists were trying to accuse @marcelias of being some dirty trickster for, you know, defending democracy.

Now Elias has tricked AZ Republicans into vigorously defending the right to cast a vote and GA election officials in GOP-leaning counties to offer MORE early voting.

What will he think of next?

I dunno. Maybe the real problem for advertisers is an activist owner who’s fine with Nazis and not, you know, the people who prefer to not hang out with Nazis.

Failed media is when a MAGA politician apparently helped his grandson get guns to kill LGBTQ people, Alito apparently leaked the Hobby Lobby decision & maybe Hobbs, & 7 mass murder shootings in 7 days—but there’s more coverage of Biden’s granddaughter getting married at the WH.🤦🏽‍♂️

“We saw the Democrats go all in on saying women wouldn’t be able to get health care and would be punished, and we did not see a Republican response to counter all those lies.”
Yeah...there are documented cases of women not getting the health care they need thanks to the bans from you forced birthers, so piss off.

Anti-abortion groups blame GOP silence for election defeat

"The court’s order means that the Treasury Department may quickly hand over six years of tax records from Trump and some of his companies to the House Ways and Means Committee"

A moment of silence for the Betty White Mastodon account we'll never get.

OK, who decided to call these toots? Because I am a middle-aged child and "toot" only means one thing to me media.giphy.com/media/26gJzARi


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