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apparently venues continue to cancel events when kyle rittenhouse is involved and honestly?

good for them fuck that guy

@jlroberson @godpod ok, but aside from that last one, that’s a peetty decent playlist. at least for the first 30 minutes…

@SETIEric @godpod our sonos does that at work. 12 seconds, then silence. you have to go back in yhe office and launch it again, over and over.

@dhj1961 @godpod glad i scrolled before doubling up. that song is the soundtrack to my dullest nightmares.

@GatekeepKen @linuxgal yes! someone who understands why that game makes me soooo angry! i can lose gracefully at plenty of games, but the game designed to suck more and more resources out of whichever player is in the most precarious position while filling the pockets of the already rich just pisses me off. my dear mother-in-law, i am not a sore loser, i’m socialist. yes, there’s a difference. i’ll go on the record saying i don’t want to know jore you found that out.

Not a caterpillar - On a frosty May morning, a group of European Bee-eaters perched on a branch gave the impression of a caterpillar at first glance. The vibrant colours of their feathers, with shades of green, blue, and yellow, seemed to blend together and create a fluffy, caterpillar-like appearance. It's also a winning image in Adult Category of European Wild Wonders photo competition, November 2011. José Luis Rodríguez

@Chimaera @ToddWalker @jayrosen_nyu

but “America First” is not new, it has a sinister history. see Rachel Maddie’s podcast, Ultra.

Ooh, look at the UK's electricity sources this morning: only 12% is generated by fossil fuels. Of course it's because the weather is favourable, but the point is that we already have the capacity to do this, and it's only getting better. #energy #electricity #climate

In a democracy, the private depends on the public.

Businesses depend on public resources: roads, bridges, highways, sewers, a water supply, airports and air traffic control, a patent office, public education for your employees, public health, the electric grid, the satellite communications, the internet, and more.

Individuals depend on clean air, water, safe food, public safety, access to education and health care, housing, employment ...
Without such public resources, you are not free.


Worse, law enforcement "responds to" (and hence criminalizes) a lot of public health issues. Homelessness. Drug dependency. Poverty. Mental health. Medical emergencies (like diabetic shock). All of those things are public health/safety issues that have been relegated to the cops, whose primary function is violence in the interest of the state.

A quick reminder that law enforcement *responds* to crime, but a living wage, food and water security, accessible healthcare, and public education *prevent* crime.

If you want safer communities, invest in people, not punishments.

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