Give her what she really wants this Valentine’s Day - Reproductive rights, an ancient tome of curses, the souls of her enemies, and pockets in every dress.

In #Malatya, #Turkey, Search & Rescue teams noticed a #cat walking in and out of the rubble of a house and followed her:
Two small children and an older woman were rescued from the corridor that opened up where the cat was sighted.

Happy #caturday ...

#Animals #Cats #Earthquake #CatsOfMastodon

@BigBoppa honestly, they have a right to be. your motivations probably are not all that altruistic as far as they’re concerned. @Popehat cue the estimate for rewiring the whole house.

@Arachne i’m in san francisco. it feels like we’ve had more rain since the beginning of the year than in the last in five years combined…

I'm older so I remember things. Everything you see happening today should be understood this way:

The top tax rate used to be 90% in order to prevent the really rich from destroying democracy.

The corporate tax rate was 50% because corporations exist to serve society.

AND the inheritance tax was really high to keep family dynasties from gaining power over us.

#taxes #democracy

Pure, shameless trash. This guy was going after everyone like he was a saint, while he was ripping off his own union. Doesn’t get much lower than that. All these “Back the Blue” guys are most likely to “Backstab the Blue” in the end. What a fake.

@diomedesagonistes what comments? i thought comments were not allowed on the wonkette mommyblog, recipe hub and dick joke emporium! what else have i misses?


from @joshsusser

"Here's the thing about dealing with nazis: If you wait until it's too late, it will be too late. I know that sounds obvious, but folks still want to believe it's too soon.

The road to fascism is lined with people telling you to stop overreacting."

#Nazis #Fascism #DontWaitTilItsTooLate

One day after quoting MLK on MLK Day, Florida MAGA Gov Ron DeSantis cancels AP African American Studies Program, saying it ‘Lacks Educational Value’

This is literally white supremacist talking points & a reminder how much these people still hate MLK today.

Indeed, DeSantis banning AP African American Studies is a reminder of that old quote -- White privilege is when your history is the curriculum and every other history is an elective.

@drlynnchiu The impulse may be to mute boosts because they’re just too many, but I recommend being more patient with people as this is what makes Mastodon more dynamic. I’ve noticed that boosting tends to come in bursts so I recommend just scrolling past. The same goes for long conversations. Just scroll past. However, if this makes your experience less pleasant then there’s always the mute boost option. I’d then recommend setting the timer on it to give them another chance.

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