Ok this is absurd I moved from Minnesota 30 years ago. Today I woke to 8°F/-13C. Forecast says it's only going to get above freezing 1 day in the next week.

@dansezlajavanaise northern Nevada, near the east side of the Sierras, about 30 minutes from Tahoe. High desert.

@dansezlajavanaise This is not quite normal (what is these days) we get snow, nit it usually melts down on the valley floors. Between the large amount of snow and the cold, we've had snow on the ground for over a month.

We usually don't get much snow until late January or February.

@Arachne i’m in san francisco. it feels like we’ve had more rain since the beginning of the year than in the last in five years combined…

@dansezlajavanaise l hear you I lived in Santa Cruz (Aptos really) - all the pictures from there break my heart. I still remember the storm in the early 80s when several people I knew died (redwoods have disturbingly shallow roots)

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