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Tonight in 1975 — SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE debuted on NBC.

BiII Murray replaced Chevy Chase in 1976. "Live" was added to the title in '77. #SNL

"canine vaccine hesitancy" is a polite way of saying "rabies deniers."

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#GreatAlbums1960s - #DionneWarwick – Make Way for Dionne Warwick (1964). Though she was often tagged as R&B/ soul, Warwick was a true pop singer – bridging torch balladry with urbane cool in ways that felt traditional and modern at once. This LP contains several of the Bacharach-David hits that were her (and their) signatures, including “A House is Not a Home,” “People” and a definitive “Walk on By.” Easy listening in the best sense, Warwick’s music is a warm hug on a fuzzy sofa. #GreatPopAlbums

william stafford

Here was a man who was known
as an Oregon poet.

He never wasted words, either.
He wrote a poem

Every day, rain or shine, and so
he had some

rain poems and some shine poems
and if people

came to him saying, sir, give us a book
he would turn

and rummage in desk drawers
or grope

along shelves in the kitchen.
Pretty soon

there was their book, bright as
Sunday morning

but sharp, too, like bottle glass.
He'd hand

it to them carefully, carefully.
And it was

their hint. After that they'd have to
look out for themselves,

and that, I guess, was his Oregon

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The fog of war is bad, ya'll and the fake videos are getting better. If you see something ... intense, upsetting, something that gives you and emotional reaction and either solidifies your views or makes you question them... hit pause.

I don't care how media savvy you are.

Especially if it's something that confirms your worst fears. Especially that one.

Hit pause. Check the sources. Check them direct from the source site, don't trust thumbnails, or watermarks.

I love living in this world of color. Larches and changing leaves, North Cascades WA on the hike to Blue Lake

#photography #wa #NorthCascades #larches

Here's a short video from Latvia showing why you shouldn't treat railway lines as a playground.


UNDERDOG debuted today in 1964. 💥

Wally Cox voiced the crime-fighting canine w/ Norma MacMillan as Sweet Polly and Allen Swift as Simon Bar-Sinister.

Produced by Total Television (not Jay Ward) but animated by the same studio. TTV + Ward cartoons were often mingled in reruns.

My grown daughter today:

"Being an adult is whispering 'f&ck this' while doing it anyway."

She has arrived.


“In San Francisco, scientists studying the pollutants in storm runoff found a potential solution: Rain gardens, installed in yards to capture stormwater, were also trapping 96 percent of street litter and 100 percent of black rubbery fragments”

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Some day the chain will break and the tree will be loose. Then, there will be hell to pay.

Today's great manual sort project at the Internet Archive physical storage warehouse was a huge success. About 15 volunteers throughout helped smash through SO much material. All in all we ended up with four pallets of radio or radio-adjacent material that is going to get scanned. We sifted through another 11 pallets of material that we deemed "not radio." We have a few more palettes to sift though, a project for the future.

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