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KKR corporation's private military, under former CIA director David Petraeus, is deploying current and former soldiers up into British Columbia, Canada, to attack and oppress Indigenous peoples opposed to pipelines being illegally built through their territory. The RCMP commander also served under Petraeus, an obvious conflict of interest.

Fascism is when the terror we commit world-wide is brought back home.

They keep calling it bond. Just call it what it is, the former Republican President has to bail himself out of a county jail.

Jimmy Carter is the only president I acknowledge. 💅

Someone asked Midjourney to reimagine billionaires as poor

1/7 Elon Musk

Wonkodon has now become more powerful!

That is, I doubled the RAM and CPU, now at 4 cores and 8GB.

Kevin Shields at the very moment he conceived of My Bloody Valentine

Berlusconi dies and suddenly Italy has a cocaine surplus


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