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Then either get your ham radio licenses and use the local repeaters, or get a GMRS license and find a community repeater that you can use/rent. Pulling off that distance in a city using simplex isn't so much the issue of the radios, it's physics.

Weak signal modes like #ft8 have their detractors but it’s one of the only ways I get any QSOs at all. The combination of low power, an attic-mounted antenna under a thick slate roof, and a high noise floor make voice and even CW almost impossible. #hamradio

No, no, that's not a sin, either. My goodness, you must have worried yourself to death.

One of these photos is a harmful display of child grooming, that's dangerous for a child's overall self-worth and exposes them to adult gender roles.
The other is a photo of a drag queen.

Having a minor dispute with a Wonkette commenter on the meaning of 'Asian' in the UK, so help me out here, please, my British followers?

If you are British-born and raised, do you use the adjective 'Asian' (used without a qualifier like 'South' or 'East' to mean

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