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True this. Just from feelings I would rather have an N connector on an antenna on a mountain top than a SMA. And how are you getting a SMA on a 3/4" heliax feedline?
BTW, I'm w7com.

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Okay, I'll remember that when I put up my next 1kw output 73cm repeater. /s

Thank you!

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Okay, I work for a group where my company is called Cabin Interiors. This is so fucked up in so many ways that I can't even try to count how many fingers it has.


And now most of us don't even turn on our camera for zoom/teams calls.

That moment when you listen to the words that are coming out of your mouth for the first time in your adult life— and you simultaneously realize that you're on national television



I was only able to make it halfway through. But it was nice for the GOP to give people a moment to go pee.

Among all the possible realities in the multiverse, there is none where this is a normal person.

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