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Went to Yakima and back today to see mom, sis and my old dog (which my mom stole) and and old friend I've known since 1973. It was good times. The pass wasn't too bad either but there's a nasty crash blocking all lanes of I-90 eastbound east of North Bend.

On the way over I took the Yakima Canyon road and it was beautiful with the Yakima River frozen over.

With 279 users over about two months using AWS S3 as storage this is what I'm seeing for The nice thing is users have stepped up to help cover the cost. CPU and bandwidth are at about $25/mo from Digital Oceans.

Here's a picture of me flying back from Paul&Holly's WonkMeet after Labor Day 2022. It was my one big vacation that year so I flew first class on Alaska from JFK to SEA. I'm a bit rough but we were basically camping/AirBnB most of the weekend and I forgot my razor.

If you like Terry Pratchett then you'll love this biography by his personal assistant.

"Thank you for writing this, Rob. I laughed out loud, and cried in my car listening to the last hour or so. I had to delay going back into the office so I could get myself back together. Touching, honest, informative and personal. It starts out with Terry's history and then into a days in the life with Terry and Rob. What a warm and personal way to tell us Terry's story, and yours too."

The end of an era. The last Boeing 747 just took her maiden flight. Buzzed my house twice (Tulalip Bay/RITTS). Low overcast so I couldn't see but definitely hear her.


Stillaguamish Tribe opens retail cannabis shop
More than 1,500 attended a grand opening on Dec. 10. The venture comes amid a boom in tribal cannabis stores.

These two ladies stand in line to get their picture taken with Tommy Chong.

Hey kids, this is your grandmas.

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