Tomorrow is Mike Garbarino's birthday. Damn we miss you buddy, you left us too soon you Big Bad Bald Bastard.

I wonder if "John Wayne Airport" (SNA / Santa Ana) is rethinking their branding of their airport store.

April 30, 2023
U.S. National Bugs Bunny Day is celebrated every year on April 30. It commemorates the date this happy-go-lucky bunny made his first appearance in 1938.

The most over staged picture of working on a PC motherboard. Is this what people think we look like at work?

I noticed on the flight to NYC (ASA16 on a 737-MAX9) that on the seat back safety card the "how to wear a seatbelt" guy is wearing a SUB POP t-shirt. That is so fucking Seattle.

I just got back from NYC for my birthday with @Zyxomma @ziggywiggy and @DrJen! Thanks for the best birthday of going out with three wonderful women to Carmine's and having one of them pick up the tab! They even got the Geo. Washington Bridge lit up for me!

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