Welp, I guess I can toot.

This is looking too busy for me to keep up with though, so we'll see how it goes..

@tek I have had similar feelings. My advice is: 1) understand you have 3 feeds, Local, Home, Federated, and each has different rules for what appears, 2) As you follow more people, the Home and Federated feeds grow out of proportion, because they include posts boosted by people you follow, and 3)You can mute or block anybody that appears in any feed and you will not see them again. No posts will appear from any centralized algorithm or promotion. You have control.

I would add an additional "defense" against people you follow that are just too active. I'm working on that now. They tend to dominate my Home and Federated feeds, and I want to follow them, but I don't want to see them every 2 or 3 posts.

The possible solution is "Lists", which you populate with the accounts of the people you follow and want to see. Click on List, see their posts.

My list called "Preferred Journos" will exclude some of the excessively chatty ones.


@phoenixdoglover @tek Sweet, this will help clean up all the Ukrainian news, and @mvario. :)

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@admin @tek @mvario Milburn, I think Mastodon is lacking in some features to filter posts in the Home and Federated timelines. In those views, you see posts for accounts that have been followed or boosted by others. That's why you get to see that overly active Ukrainian War account. The filter option does not allow you to suppress it as needed. Instead, you can mute the account, which removes it entirely. It would be great if a user defined filter could be applied to each timeline.

@phoenixdoglover @tek
You can go into your Preferences > Filters and create custom filters by keyword (e.g. Ukraine or mvario) to block posts you don't want to see.

@mvario @tek
Thanks. I missed that feature. Time to experiment. Probably not going to filter you out, though. 😁

@phoenixdoglover @tek

If Lists worked the same way they do on Twitter that would have been another option, but they don't appear to. On Twitter you can set a list to not show list members in your regular feed.

@mvario @tek
Yeah, lists not cutting it for my need to manage my Local and Federated timelines on a daily basis. Lists seem just a way to group certain accounts for focused viewing.

@phoenixdoglover @tek

just thinking, and it would need some experimenting, but if filters only effect your regular feed, you could put accounts you filter out into a list. That might work.

@mvario @tek Lists apply to accounts you follow. So this "use case" is: I want to follow them, I don't want them in my Home feed (filter them out). I want to see them when I click on a List. Hmmm. More experiments.

@phoenixdoglover @tek

That's the way lists can be configured on Twitter, right?

@mvario @phoenixdoglover @tek
I'm just assuming that Federated will always be too much info to control, but that I should be able to curate my Home feed to the right amount and variety of information by managing my follows and whether I see their boosts or not. Once this stops being a new toy, I hope to mostly ignore the Federated feed.

@TappinLisa @mvario @tek I'm already seeing, if you follow enough accounts, Home feed is the place for curation. Federated feed is for when you are bored and want something new.

@TappinLisa @mvario @tek OK, deal breaker for me with filters?

In testing the feature, it appears to apply to the text portion of posts, but not to the account name or account address.

I have not been successful using a filter to eliminate posts from an account I follow from my Home feed, but which posts I can still see in the Federated feed.

@phoenixdoglover @TappinLisa @tek

There is some info in these docs, though it sounds like you've figured it all out already...

@TappinLisa @phoenixdoglover @tek
I never use it, too much volume. I don't really use Local either. I've just grown my Follow list and curate that as needed.

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