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Here's a picture of me flying back from Paul&Holly's WonkMeet after Labor Day 2022. It was my one big vacation that year so I flew first class on Alaska from JFK to SEA. I'm a bit rough but we were basically camping/AirBnB most of the weekend and I forgot my razor.

Dear Californians:

Thanks for visiting the beautiful Oregon Coast!

As you may have noticed, we enjoy a calmer, friendlier mode of life here than what you're used to.

For example, here, when you want to use the boat ramp but someone's already using it, you can either wait a couple of minutes, or say, "Hey, can I help you put your kayak on the roof rack?"

"You need to move, we can't get around you," is not the best way to get your needs met.


Your Northern Neighbors

Some day the chain will break and the tree will be loose. Then, there will be hell to pay.

Today's great manual sort project at the Internet Archive physical storage warehouse was a huge success. About 15 volunteers throughout helped smash through SO much material. All in all we ended up with four pallets of radio or radio-adjacent material that is going to get scanned. We sifted through another 11 pallets of material that we deemed "not radio." We have a few more palettes to sift though, a project for the future.

I'm a geologist and this isn't cute or funny. Rocks only climb trees like this when they're very stressed.

I bought stamps from England. This is probably the nerdiest thing I've ever done in a life full of nerdery.

#TerryPratchett #Discworld #Stamps

Hey, all. I basically never boost or share Go Fund Me things.

The reason I am about to is because this is — for lack of a better term — my daughter. After losing her birth family because of pretty awful bigotry and things I won't repeat here, she has made her way in the world through inner strength, the love of her wife, and the support of chosen family.

Today, that support comes in the form of my sharing this URL, because she has to make an emergency trip back to Thailand for post-surgery medical treatment.

The medical care is all covered by the Suporn clinic. The travel is not.

Feel free to read for more info, ask me any questions you may have, and remember that sharing the link is also a form of support. (And in this case my personal vouch for the fact that this is all legit is what I am offering here.)

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