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While railroads spent more on stock buybacks than rail safety, Warren Buffett became $42 billion richer & is worth $106 billion. On Friday, Buffett became $435 million richer, enough to provide 7 paid sick days to every rail worker in America for an entire year. Ban the buybacks. twitter.com/CNBC/status/162948

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America doesn’t have a labor shortage. There is a living wage shortage, a hazard pay shortage, a child care shortage, a paid sick leave shortage, and a health care shortage.

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Transphobia, genocide 

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As DeSantis signs a law today stripping Disney of control of its Orlando district, he criticizes what he considers to be "woke" policies. "We want our kids to be kids. We want them to be able to enjoy entertainment... without having an agenda imposed upon them."

from May 2022πŸ‘‡

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Crimea is Ukraine. Never appease Megalomaniacs.

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✑️ This morning a Shoah denier commented β€œ6 million must lie” on an old Tiktok of mine, so it’s time for another Yiddish curse! ✑️

🧿 β€œDee leber zol dir shteklechvayz doord der noz aroysfleen!” 🧿

πŸ“š trans.: β€œMay your liver come out through your nose piece by piece!” πŸ“š

[SOURCE: "If You Can’t Say Anything Nice, Say It In Yiddish: The Book of Yiddish Insults and Curses” (Lita Epstein)]


#Mazeldon #jewish @mazeldon #shoah #yiddish

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In 1977, NASA began looking for women astronauts.

Sally Ride spotted an ad about it in the Stanford school newspaper & applied. She was one of six women chosen.

In 1983, Ride became the first American woman to travel into space. Her role as a mission specialist was to work a robotic arm to put satellites into space.

Ride went on to teach at UC San Diego & worked to promote women & girls in STEM. She also wrote children’s books about exploring #space. nasa.gov/audience/forstudents/ #HistoryRemix

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Today is February 28

πŸ’„ 228 Memorial Day
πŸ‡ͺπŸ‡Έ Andalucia Day
πŸ’„ Floral Design Day
πŸ’„ Global Scouse Day
πŸ’„ International Repetitive Strain Injury Awareness Day
πŸ’„ Linus Pauling Day
πŸ’„ National Chocolate Souffle Day
πŸ’„ National Customized Wheel and Tire Day
πŸ’„ National Essay Day
πŸ’„ National Pancake Day
πŸ’„ National Public Sleeping Day
πŸ’„ National Science Day
πŸ’„ National Time Refund Day
πŸ’„ National Vegan Lipstick Day
πŸ’„ Rare Disease Day
πŸ’„ US Snow Shoe Day
πŸ’„ World Spay Day

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Hey cis folks instead of splitting hairs over if they’re planning and committing genocide on trans people how about we just establish such good rights for trans people that it’s obviously not happening.

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Tennessee's clownservative governor Bill Lee, who's about to sign a bill making it illegal to dress in drag, is seen here... dressed in drag.

Of course, the unspoken excuse is "Oh, c'mon, it's different when STRAIGHT guys dress in drag," but try writing that into law.

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The George Washington Bridge over the Hudson River with a snow covered NJ in the background, seen from Washington Heights, NYC.

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Thanks again to everyone who helped me cremate my dearest friend. The ashes are in the beautiful urn and home with me.

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Ftagn! Dread Cthulhu Pie for Breakfast 

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I have a friend who masks. He's self admitted special needs. Lovely guy, not the quickest. But he said to me the other day something that is wiser than most world govts ATM. I asked him why he wears them.

He joked " I haven't got the wits to lose".

He gets it. He really gets it. When so many others don't. He knows he is only an infection or two from mental incapacity. He's got a family. Applied intelligence. He's better adapted than Joe average. Survivor talent.

He's a good man.

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#TempleUniversity deactivated my health insurance and the insurance of all striking graduate workers today, effective immediately - a move no US university has EVER taken against striking workers.

We were not informed by the university this happened - workers found out when their insurance was rejected at doctor offices or when picking up prescriptions today.

Help us put Temple on blast for this unethical and deeply harmful behaviour by sharing this post!

#TUGSAStrike #TempleUnionMade

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The Postal Board of Governors, which still refuses to fire Postmaster General Louis DeJoy, meets today for its first session of 2023.

Two board seats previously held by Trump nominees opened up in December.

Biden must fill them without further delay.

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