Every woman you know has:
- taken a longer route
- doubled back on herself
- pretended to dawdle by a shop window
- held her keys in her hand pointy side out
- made a fake phone call
- rounded a corner and ran
- texted her location to friends just in case
- walked home scared

Every woman you know.
Every single one.

"Our laws belong to all of us, and we should be able to find, read, and share them free of registration requirements, fees, and other roadblocks." Significant legal victory on #standards becoming public when enacted into public law.
This is significantly at odds with the policies of some governments and agencies, and standards bodies, that allow standards -- even when given the force of public law -- to charge royalties for access and use. This has some relevant in our data standards world, but a more classic example is a Building Code, where (a) you are required to obey it, in order to build on your own land, but (b) the government won't let you see it or read it unless you pay a fee to the rules' proprietary source.
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I’ve been explaining this to white people for at least seven years and I’m getting tired of fucking explaining it but the current contextual symbolism of the Gadsden flag is, unambiguously, that of white supremacy. The white people that disagree with this reality are white supremacists themselves.

I'm 50, have 2 teenage kids and over the years have had exposure to young people because of this

On the whole they are so much nicer, more open and caring than previous generations, in my experience

My eldest came out as non binary, their younger brother just went, ok, and has never misgendered them once. A lifelong childhood friend transitioned, cool, no deadnaming, that's the deal now, crack on being mates

Maybe I've not been on Facebook enough but the kids seem cool as fuck, better than us

I love when the NYTimes goes all caps on the front page. It’s the only way I know a story is Big

What percentage of days of the year are some country's "and that's when the British left" day?

The rich don't care about your physical and mental health. The reason they are pushing a coordinated media campaign against remote work is because the only thing they really care about is all the money they are losing from empty offices.

For the sake of empathy, I ask you all to take a second to consider things from the perspective of Conservatives:

Inflation is out of control. Housing is unaffordable. The healthcare system is broken. Everyone is drowning in student debt. Ecosystems are collapsing. We're constantly on the brink of war.

So naturally, one would ask, how can we even hope to solve these daunting and complex issues if we do not have detailed information on the genitals of every American citizen?

Twitter is falling apart. Reddit is falling apart. Facebook fell apart ages ago. Meta is a trashfire. Instagram is baloney. Google can't even search for anything you want anymore.

You know what website still miraculously works?


You should donate to keep it that way.

I've been helping a friend with a difficult issue at work.

My friend pulled off a goddamn miracle to complete a project for their CEO, only to receive critical feedback from their manager, who felt they weren't included enough. happy CEO, angry manager.

I told my friend they did nothing wrong. Their job was to finish the project, it is not to up-manage executive power struggle politics.


The privilege of being allowed to “report to prison” on one’s own for multimillion-dollar swindles, as opposed to being taken there in handcuffs and an orange jumpsuit for stealing groceries, is maddening

Everyone wants to skip the process until they have to clean up after the person who skipped the process.

“several weeks ago [Elon Musk] stopped paying for special software that handles high-traffic internet services, including for the app’s live-audio feature, according to a person with direct knowledge of the decision.”

So “Twitter experienced multiple outages during a high-profile live audio forum on the app in which Republican Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis launched his presidential campaign.”

[image in the wild from late 2022]


"I'll see you in Helvetica!"
- damning with font praise

I feel like most of the social media posts I'm seeing right now are complaints about other social media platforms, sprinkled with the occasional complaint about the actual platform they are on.

Humans: So glad we've made this alliance. Hey, what should we name our starships?

Aliens: Name them? We've always just used serial numbers

Humans: so we can name all the ships after ancient human mythology and famous battles from our homeworld?

Aliens: sure, I guess

*humans visibly shaking with excitement, destabilizing the space-time continuum*

Even if Clarence Thomas leaves the Supreme Court - not something I expect any time soon - we are all still stuck with his awful votes and his terrible majority opinions. This is the real tragedy caused when a corrupt or untrustworthy justice sits on the Court for so many years. There is no way to undo the layers of influence his participation has had on U.S. law. All the more reason why people of problematic character should not be nominated or confirmed to the Court.

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