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Do you know any registered voters in Florida who support abortion rights? Send them this petition so they can help the abortion rights initiative qualify for the 2024 ballot!

Let me make this real simple.

Vote blue until there's an actual, viable, non-fascist alternative. Because in the shitty system we have now not voting blue is the same as voting red. And voting red is the same as voting that I die.

The White House announced that they will be sending free COVID tests to schools.

This is a good step! However, testing alone is not enough.

The government also needs to push schools to prevent transmission with vaccines, high quality masks, isolation, and clean air.


When Trump picked a fight over "terminating" the Affordable Care Act, Democrats could hardly believe their good fortune.

Then, the Republican thought it'd be a smart idea to double down.

I think i can speak for most Fedi admins when I say;

On the #Fediverse we care a lot more about (mental) health rather than keeping you on here as long as possible so with that said...

Take a break from your feed every now and then!

Go read a book, take a walk or play a game :ed_grin:

The Fediverse will be here when you'll get back❤️

Brand New on #labr #loveabrotherradio

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8. DJ Spark - Liquid on my
DnB 11
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Sharing this one because ... you know ... sometimes you have to say the quiet part out loud.

If one more mofo who says “I am not voting, or not voting for the lesser of two evils (as if there wasn’t a one),” calls me a “scold” for shaming them for it, I am going to unravel in a very ugly way.

We are not having an election about optimal governance. We are staring a full-blown fascist movement in the face that could end democracy everywhere. And they’re boasting about it. Anyone that doesn’t help stop them is complicit with them. There is no counter argument. So don’t even try.

Truly, the only remaining benefit of ex-Twitter, is watching Elon Musk get up every morning and step on a rake that hits him directly in the face.

Ban private jets to address climate crisis, says Thomas Piketty

“We have to put class and the studies of inequality between social classes right at the centre of our analyses of environmental challenges in general,” Piketty said.
“If you don’t, you will just not be able to get a majority [of people in favour of strong action] and will not be able to make it.”

The prominent French economist is the author of the seminal work Capital in the Twenty-First Century and one of the world’s leading thinkers on inequality.
His work was highly influential after the financial crisis of 2008, and he is increasingly turning his attention to the climate crisis as a co-director of the World Inequality Lab.

While environmentalists have taken aim at developed countries, contrasting their high emissions with the plight of the developing world, any form of
👉class analysis – addressing the concerns of poor people within rich countries – has been largely missing, according to Piketty.

“One of the big failures of the environmental movement so far has been that they tend to ignore the class dimension and social inequality. I find it very striking.”

He said the issue of carbon inequality was now one of the world’s most pressing problems.
The carbon inequality gap “is now bigger than it has been since the 19th century”, he said.

This is a major factor in the attacks that are being made on climate policy from some quarters.

Poorly targeted policies on energy around the world place a greater burden on poor people, for whom energy, food and housing take up far larger shares of household budgets than for the well-off.

This is provoking a backlash, according to Piketty.

If climate policies are seen as unfair, affecting people on low incomes while those with luxurious lifestyles carry on untouched, protest movements will emerge, like the “gilets jaunes” who brought France to a standstill five years ago, he said.

“Everybody now understands that everybody would have to make some effort [to cut emissions], it’s not going to be only the rich.

But this effort has to be distributed in a way that can be accepted by the population.
If you don’t address this, we are going to have a gigantic yellow vest movement everywhere.
And that’s a little bit what we have.”
#piketty #classanalysis

Democracy scares American fascists to death. They know full well their cis-white-Christian world is a minority, and growing more so.

And they hate it. They know how *they* treat minorities, and depending on others to be better than them -- though a low bar -- is not a risk they can manage.

The monster hunter listened to the description.

"Yup, sounds like a bull ogre."

"Can you kill it?"


"You're a monster hunter!"

"What has is done, that I should kill it?"

"It's a monster!"

"We don't kill 'em for what they are. What's it done?"

"I… It is!"

"It's allowed."
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If you've fallen out of practice of wearing a mask, this would be a good week to start again! COVID rates are rising because of a new variant, and because many people will have gotten sick over Thanksgiving. Your best protection is wearing a high quality mask.

Listen to Univision anchor Jorge Ramos. He charged that his network gave too friendly an interview with Trump, and in so doing it “put in doubt the independence of our news department.” Ramos added that Univision cannot “offer Trump an open microphone to broadcast his falsehoods and conspiracy theories." Let it be a warning to all news media.

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I say it's time for a month-end WaPo . I'm not crying; I just have something in my eye.

@Nazani @StillIRise1963 and that she is getting world class experience in this administration. She's used far more extensively than Pence ever was - probably the artifact of Biden being a VP and knowing what/how the job works and the position is used.
in the end, like Clinton, she will have waaay more experience than any man ... and be reviled for it.

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