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💙 🐻 💛 alumna with a alum husband and student son
💕 with and 🗳️
💃 I love to , including , but haven't done much since COVID turned everything upside-down! 🙃

Here’s some perspective.

•Cancel student debt!
•Cancel medical debt!
•Make insulin free!

Most of Developed World:
•What is student debt?
•What is medical debt?
•Insulin is already free!

What GOP calls “socialism”—even conservative parties in most developed nations call a “human right.”

Please help us in Ohio. We have a special election Aug 8 to drown democracy and need help to drive turnout to vote NO on their scheme to make it almost impossible to get citizen led issues on the ballot.
Please go to and choose the Ohio campaign!
This will help protect choice in November! The August election is a way for our corrupt Rs to subvert democracy.

Game help, please. Dad is stuck in hospital in US & bored out of his mind. I’m in UK. Need a turn taking game (like words with friends, but he hates word games).

He loves traditional games like dominoes & cards, but would like something new. He’s very unwell, anything complicated will go in the bin. His vision is ok, but tiny text will be a problem. We both have an iPhone.


Retoots with helpful hashtags very appreciated thank you, I don’t know what to type 🫠

#gaming #games

Doing some research and came across this image. For those not aware, curb cuts were first installed en masse after the large number of injured veterans came back from WWII. #accessibility

Image credit:

Meme made funnier by Alice holding a framed copy of it

Did you know: The annual cost of burglary, robbery, larceny, & auto theft COMBINED is $14B—but the annual cost of wage theft by employers exploiting workers is $50B?

Remember this when media or politicians cite crime but ignore the most costly crime of all—corporate wage theft.

Your oppressors want you to believe that telling the truth is impolite, somehow. How convenient.

@markmetz @lednabm John Malcolm, a former Atlanta-based federal prosecutor who is now a constitutional scholar at the conservative Heritage Foundation. “That’s it. It’s very broad. That doesn’t mean it’s appropriate to charge a former president…”

Just why would it not be appropriate to charge a former president? Nobody is above the law. If a former President is suspected to be a criminal, then he should be charged, arrested, and tried in court. If found guilty, he should be sentenced and punished.

In fact, I would argue that as a former President, he is the MOST appropriate person to be charged. Politicians are supposed to protect the public interest, and if they are not, then they should be exposed and face the consequences to make clear that this is a national of laws.

Someone found a part of a #Mastodon on the beach here in #California (no, not a Mastodon server, the original elephant-like things)

You know. Today really cemented why even though I've had a bluesky invite for several weeks now I haven't used it

See. Today some pro life asshole came in and started concern trolling me. And then I found out he came from an instance of Christians who were all very sad their chicken sandwich place wasn't bigoted enough against gays anymore

And despite the fact that I'm just a user the things I could do to keep myself and my community safe were

1. Block the guy and his entire instance
2. Notify my server's mods so they could decide to silence or defederate (they did)
3. Make a post recommending other users vulnerable to their bullshit instance block them
4. Recommend that mods/admins from other instances silence/defederate

In essence, I encountered a problem on the fediverse and could take decisive action to protect myself and others by having the problem yeeted into the void. One minute I had a problem, the next myself and many others didn't. You just don't get that anywhere else

Most people:

“That was back during COVID.”

Me: You mean RIGHT NOW?!?

When the stranger growls
"lose the mask"
my friend replies
“mother is sick”
and after the stranger leaves
I tell her I am sorry
to hear about her mother
but she explains
that her mother is fine
she's just wearing a mask
because someone else’s mother
might be ill.

You lovely people want to know who voted which way?

Because I like you best, here’s a WaPo GIFT LINK

Read an article today about why Americans think alcohol has health benefits and it's apparently another "well the French are healthy and they do X so it's healthy to do X."

So here's your periodic reminder that France (and Italy, and Sweden, and Japan, and basically every country you've seen in a "this country is so healthy, what's their secret?" headline) has universal health care.

The secret is access to health care. It's always access to health care.

Now playing on LABR: England Wedsesday Workout with Brother Soul! Tune in now at #labr #radio #live #dj #mixes #house #nowPlaying #np

maybe people who voted for the trump tax cuts that blew a massive hole in the deficit shouldn't be taken seriously when they mewl about the debt ceiling

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