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Every single time you mention Joe Manchin, it is obligatory to include that his daughter drove the cost of epinephrine autoinjectors (Epi Pens) up by 600% for no reason other than profit, which left children to die from completely treatable anaphylaxis.

In a modern day version of the legend of Excalibur, the right and true successor to Joe Biden will be the person who successfully pulls the sword from out of his back that was placed there by the New York Times.

I am betting Putin is not very happy right now...

Kamala Harris will be the first Democratic President that won't start out with an economy trashed by a Republican administration. 🤔

This November, you have the power to make Elon Musk waste 180 million dollars.

The United Farm Workers is proud to endorse VP Kamala Harris for President. Dime con quien andas, y te digo quien eres.

Kamala Harris stood with farm workers as CA’s Attorney General, as US Senator, and as Vice President. There is work to be done, and we’re ready. Sí, se puede!

A friend just texted asking who the most influential person in the Dem party currently is. I said I had no idea, but I'd bet the most consequential right now is Marc Elias @marcelias

And I'm relieved to learn that he said this an hour ago:

"Before the media gets rolling, let me be clear: The Democratic nominee for president will be on all 50 state ballots. There is no basis for any legal challenge. Period."

An interesting side note in all of this is that the Supreme Court has given total immunity to a guy with six months left to serve and no fucks left to give.

Politically, Biden's dropping out creates all sorts of uncertainty.

Procedurally, however, what happens how is extremely clear: The DNC will use its convention to officially designate its nominees for president and vice president, and those people will appear on the ballot in all 50 states, DC, etc.

A summary of state ballot access laws, from the officials who run the elections, is at

It would have been much more complicated if this had occurred after the convention.

I’m not an American, but my advice to American progressives is simply this:

Now’s your chance. If you don’t help elect the first African American woman to the Presidency, you’re full of shit.

That woman is your only chance to save American democracy, so you better get behind her.

*runs in, panting*

Heard the timeline was in desperate need of a baby wild hamster right now. Got here as quickly as I could.

Platitudes mean nothing without endorsements and later, ACTION.

Looking at you, white Congressional Democrats.

Your praise of Biden is meaningless without LOUDLY standing up for Harris.


Trump's GOP is no country for MAGA women
At the Republican National Convention, MAGA women learn there's no place for them in Trump's GOP
"Without the trigger-the-liberals effect, it appears lady trolls have little to offer the Republican base. They certainly aren't valued as leaders in a party where men live in a constant state of paranoia about being emasculated"

If Octavia Butler's Parable of The Sower has been on your to-read list, today's a good day to start it.

The book begins on July 20, 2024 in Los Angeles exurbs.

The series involves a pandemic with a xenophobic president running on the slogan "make America great again" and the president neither admonishes nor directly supports his religious extremist supporters.

Butler's future isn't our present, but there's some eerie echos. 😬

Happy(?) Parable of The Sower Day

Pete Buttigieg perfectly explained why Joe Biden should be the next president on HBO:

“I’m here because I believe in Joe Biden. And let me just, I get it. But the thing about Joe Biden is he’s really good at being president. And you can tell because the things we need presidents to do are the things that he’s best at, like delivering infrastructure and defending women’s rights and fostering economic growth at a level that we haven’t seen under any president in my lifetime.”

See: They're going after her already. The Post, like The Times, keeps demanding that Biden step down and they can't wait to next journalistically harass Harris.

There is no such thing as “A mini primary” We voted. In the REAL Primary. Anyone who thought they could do better should’ve spent the money, put in the time, built the team and run then. But no, they waited until critical crunch time and instead of supporting the best president and admin we’ve had in 70 years… they brought their knives. Fuck them all.

"DEMOCRATIC lawmakers who have called for Joe Biden to end his re-election campaign have panicked at the first sign of adversity and acted shamefully" says historian Allan Lichtman

'Shameful' Democrats are 'slitting their own throats by airing dirty laundry' and urging Joe Biden to drop out of race | The US Sun

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