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There is someone in the Wonkette comments posting OVER AND OVER again about my net worth of ... Four MILLION dollars. She's got a source, you guys! A private investigator SOURCE!

I now can't think about anything else.

Srsly, I'm ruined for the day.

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I'm not trying to tone police (yes I am) but a lot of you sound like you're *really* not over your ex.

@admin IIRC, it housed a number of pigeon families once, so there's that.

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Save the CMB antenna!
The Horn Antenna was instrumental in the discovery of cosmic microwave background radiation which helped confirm the “Big Bang” theory of cosmology.

The Holmdel Township Committee recently authorized an investigation into whether the property where the Horn Antenna resides should be designated as “an area in need of redevelopment.”
The future of the Horn Antenna is at stake.

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I enjoy my history class immensely; however, I am being forced to listen to Pat Buchanan's RNC speech in order to answer this question, "What are some of the ideas and issues that make up Pat Buchanan’s famous culture war speech given at the 1992 Republican Nominating Convention? " Which is fine.

But he was already coming after Hillary in 1992.

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Today is December 4

🧦National Cookie Day
🧦National Dice Day
🧦National Sock Day
🧦Cabernet Franc Day
🧦Santa’s List Day
🧦International Cheetah Day
🧦World Wildlife Conservation Day
🧦Global Fat Bike Day
🧦International Spirit of the Game Day
🧦World Civil Aviation Day
🧦World Pear Day

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Huh. According to this image of oddly flexible meat tubes in buns, I'm somewhere between lawful neutral (yeah, OK...) and chaotic neutral (yeah, fine).
Actually...that kinda checks out. 🤔 😅

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As god emperor of this instance I hereby proclaim that when a Wonkodoner posts a message it shall be known as a woot, not a toot.

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