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Belated intro post 

Yes. I will have more of that.
Please and thank you.

OK. This is happening. Deep breaths.
And a shower. Deep breaths and a shower. Yes.

Wouldn't a femboy that is your boyfriend be more sensibly referred to as your femboyfriend? πŸ€”

Me: [prolonged, rationalized rant about my very gay longing]
Partner: Are you sure you're not overthinking this?
Me: ........No?
Partner: [calmly looks at me]
Me: .......Yes. Probably.

Feeling full of bile and venom this morning.

So, pretty much like most other mornings.

One of these days I'll get this whole "interaction and engagement on social media" thing sorted.

Wednesday of dregs of kimchi turned into a pancake, topped with the last bits of asparagus stir fried with black bean chili oil and topped with bonito, mayo and an egg.

[looks out window] Ah. Snow again. Better late than never, I suppose.

Hope you folks out in the have a good Thursday. Here's my breakfast (no, not the whole thing).
MUshroom, spinach, bacon, ham, cheddar and pepper jack quiche.

Quick dinner since I've been madly cooking tonight.
(quiche, crab cakes, black bean chili oil)
Crab cake with stir fried asparagus in black bean chili oil.

Oh good. Now we're getting a full sales breakdown. [mutes]

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You know, management, not all of us give a single solitary fuck about the quarterly earnings.
And we damn sure don't need to see a chart or hear an extended explanation about it from the new CFO.
Just tell me what's changing, when it's happening, and what you need from me.

OK, brain. Gonna process these things again? Sure, sure.
Let's get it over with.

[checks watch] Huh. Tuesday morning and I'm already at "leave me to my home maintenance and various hobbies"

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