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Well, fuck. Two coworkers were fired this morning.
I cannot say just how impactful their loss will be.
"Significant" is an understatement.

How appropriate to wake to the call of an owl . A good Dia de Los Muertos to you. πŸ¦‰

Woah, an actually useful training call?! Where am I?!

A tree of . It's quite something to see. If only I could harvest more....

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Went for a late afternoon and was successful. Look at this big, lovely shelf! (and the other smaller ones too)
There were so many on one tree, and I couldn't possibly get to any of them. Of course they were too high up, so there's that.

I know what you did today, you were being yourself.
You shine when you do that.
Never stop.

You find an ounce of on the street, well wrapped but unlabeled. Do you

Forget a perp walk, can we have video of 45 being forced to watch as teams of people carry stuff out of his trash buildings, trying not to look horrified and disgusted as all his tacky shit is packed into vans and carted off?

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Drew Barrymore and Bill Maher are getting the blowback for crossing the picket line but fuck Jennifer Hudson and whoever is on The Talk too. They're doing the same shit. #WGAstrong #unionstrong

Mittens Romney needs to understand that he is judged by the company he keeps.

You can be the best demon of the lot, but you're still a demon, Mittens.

Get out.

i fucking hate Dell Cameron passionately for what he did to #BreonnaTaylor.

there is nothing worse than Black men who hate Black women (see also: Clarence Thomas)

❝ Kentucky GOP Candidate Signed Pledge Saying the Birth Control Pill Causes Abortions

weight thing, food thing, physical plant thing 

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