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Hm...dunno where to start this.
I'm a tech worker in a network/voip support role with a psych degree and various interests including science, art, anime, music, video, and cooking. Mexican/indigenous and proud member of the rainbow coalition. 🏳️‍🌈

Came back to Masto after a good egg made an instance for some wonderful, delightful weirdos who I rather enjoy talking to.

Guess that'll do for now.

New Year’s Eve dinner tonight. Well, the main course. Red potatoes cooked in a cast iron skillet, served in the style of poutine with roasted garlic cheese curds and mushroom gravy.

Hope your night is as enjoyable as this plate of food.

It's Thursday? Wasn't it just Monday? I should be less upset that this week went by quickly.

Interview 1 with Dynamic company is completed. Got a request for Interview 2.
Let's go! 🤩😤

Well, fuck. Two coworkers were fired this morning.
I cannot say just how impactful their loss will be.
"Significant" is an understatement.

How appropriate to wake to the call of an owl . A good Dia de Los Muertos to you. 🦉

Went for a late afternoon and was successful. Look at this big, lovely shelf! (and the other smaller ones too)
There were so many on one tree, and I couldn't possibly get to any of them. Of course they were too high up, so there's that.

I know what you did today, you were being yourself.
You shine when you do that.
Never stop.

You find an ounce of on the street, well wrapped but unlabeled. Do you

Forget a perp walk, can we have video of 45 being forced to watch as teams of people carry stuff out of his trash buildings, trying not to look horrified and disgusted as all his tacky shit is packed into vans and carted off?

weight thing, food thing, physical plant thing 

As if to prove my point, I almost blew past lunch. Again. Small bowl of cottage cheese it is. Bodies, man.

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Drew Barrymore and Bill Maher are getting the blowback for crossing the picket line but fuck Jennifer Hudson and whoever is on The Talk too. They're doing the same shit. #WGAstrong #unionstrong

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