There's a fine line between a denominator and a numerator

Just a reminder that flying lemurs exist and they are called colugos and have an expression that seems to suggest that you just told them something SCANDALOUS.

For people born with blindness: what's your experience with alt text using descriptors that make sense only if one has seen their referent before?

Context: an image of a person with wide eyes may indicate a state of surprise to seeing people, but the description "wide eyes" may be irrelevant to those who've never seen the expression before. (I'm aware this might be a bad example. )

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This morning I spotted a North Queensland tree (Evodia muelleri) that has been used to regenerate riparian rainforest around Perrin Creek in the Seven Hills Reserve. Unusually, it has a cauliflory habit with the vibrant pink flowers growing directly from a main stem rather from a growing tip. The tree provides habitat for butterflies and birds. #flora #SevenHillsReserve

Hello all, I'm Cheyanne, the new blind lady who just joined last night. I'm also on mastodon world but joined here to connect with more of my fallow blind people. I'm going through a bit of a transition period right now as my best friend and roommate passed away in October and as a result I'm dealing with grief, looking for new friends, and looking for an apartment with lower rent all at once. It's a bit much, but I know I can get through. I find online socializing easier as I have some additional issues which make getting out very fatiguing and uncomfortable. I'm a braille reader, an IPhone and IPad user, and I also use a braille display. Looking forward to meeting not only my fellow blind people but any others on this instance as well.

Andrew Brown is an amateur photographer capturing kingfishers and other wildlife along the rivers of Hertfordshire and the UK.

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Sunrise over Lake Superior

I've been photographing this little island for over 15 years. It never gets old. This shot from 2012 is one of my favorites.

The water levels constantly change & currently are 18 inches higher than when I took this photo. According to the U.S. Army Corps, on Superior one inch of water is equal to ~550 billion gallons of water. That means that Superior currently has about 9.9 trillion more gallons of water in it now.

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Would a picture of a baby elephant in the water for the very first time bring you some extra cheer today?! Ta da. 🤗

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"Listen, I'm telling you it will fit. You just put the peanut right here in this paw and I'll take care of the rest."
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As we approach the darkest and coldest days of the year, I want to remind you that it is OK to need more rest.

It is 100% normal for us to turn inward in winter. This has been reality for humans since literally forever.

It just sucks when our social world — and often our livelihood — conflicts with these physiological truths.

So do what you have to do. But please don’t beat yourself up for feeling like the actual human you actually are.

#GoingInwardInWinter #TakeTimeToRest


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