On March 2, millions across the world will march for Gaza. Find or register your city here:

"The "catch and kill" scheme coordinated between Trump, Cohen and AMI—including the illegal payment to Stormy Daniels and the 34 falsified business records that followed—is the only crime that actually stole an election."

"Trump needs the Russians. His base is shrinking. He’s alienating “that female independent suburban voter.” He can’t adjust, won’t adjust. He doesn’t care about problems enough to solve them."


PFLAG National states that it would be required to disclose Texas trans youth members, including "complete names, Social Security numbers, dates of birth, jobs, home addresses, telephone numbers, [and] email addresses." 

And in exchange, will they get a little pink triangle to wear? You know, just to show they're in compliance..

"Retaliation": Texas AG Paxton Demands PFLAG Provide Names, Addresses Of Trans Members - erininthemorning.com/p/retalia

"Heading into the March 19 GOP primary, all three Republicans say they’re open to canceling the will of state voters to impose federal restrictions on abortion rights and reproductive health care. "


"Theologian Reinhold Niebuhr once described propaganda in a democracy as “emotionally potent oversimplifications” peddled to the masses, and that’s precisely what Carlson’s videos seem to provide."


"Whatever a fence sitter, undecided, or disgruntled Democrat or other member of Biden’s 2020 electoral coalition who is angry at him over a specific policy may think and feel, there is no issue where Donald Trump will be a real improvement."


"So many wild quotes in this article from the right: "Sanctioning masturbation for the sake of collecting sperm is ­dubious."

Or: ""Does Taylor Swift have any eggs left?"

They are *weird* people and this IVF decision is proving it."

Alabama's targeting of IVF is the Christian right's attempt to control motherhood | Salon.com - salon.com/2024/02/23/alabamas-

"McColley.. believes that the voters didn’t really know everything that they were voting on."
When will the Ohio lege stop infantilising voters? Just do your damn jobs!


Fun fact apropos of nothing: when Hitler came into power democratically it took him like 3 months to dismantle democracy completely and there were no new elections for 17 years.

He came into power after earlier starting an insurrection. State institutions and government failed to ban him from future elections.

"Let me say it plainly - Donald Trump is not ahead in the 2024 election. He is not beating Joe Biden. He is not in a strong position. Signs of Trumpian and broader GOP weakness is all out there for folks to see - if they want to see it."

“Jim Jordan, Chuck Grassley, and James Comer were either duped by Smirnov and the Kremlin—or they were in on it,”

Jim Jordan Spirals When Asked About Losing His Star Biden Witness | The New Republic - newrepublic.com/post/179174/ji

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Today is the last day to register to vote in Ohio's March 19 primary election. To register to vote or to check your voter registration, go to voteohio.gov. Early voting begins tomorrow, Feb. 21.

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