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So, today was jury duty day. Arrived, listened to the judge, clerk, and the attorneys. Was on the short list for sitting on the jury, BUT ... the plaintiff's attorney excused me as I was an EMT and Mrs LS is a RN. This was the damages portion of a litigation involving injury, and so I guess the plaintiff's attorney didn't want someone who knew about injuries and medical treatments.

Saved, again, by Mrs Land Shark, RN.

Mrs Land Shark RN, as a currently serving nurse git me out of serving in the jury.

Might have made the short list for jury duty. I received a number. Everyone gets interviewed. Connecticut courts have voir dire. Ask an attorney what that means, I guess, and why places don’t have it.

Interesting. There was no ID check for jury duty. I had the summons document, but there was no check to make sure I’m the actual person who was summoned.

Jury Duty. This will be the first time for me. There is a LOT of people here.

Anyone can get out from under all the tracking: use things like the Disconnect plugin for your browser. Pretty much removes all the tracking crap. That and PiHole (for the more ambitious) can take out all the ads, too.

Why do this? Because the tracking is simply giving free data to the likes of Google and Faceborg which they trun around and sell.

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@ziggywiggy And then invite me over to eat it. Pea soup with ham is a fave.

@ziggywiggy Pea soup with the bone and a pound or so of the meat.

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One of the things I have liked about Mastodon is the encouragement to put alt-text on images. But as others have noticed, the more the network of mastodonians grows, the proportion of images with alt-text goes down.

It's not hard - please please PLEASE add alt-text to your images, even if it's just a quick note, and better if it's more descriptive.

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I'm gonna go out on a limb here and say that Donald Trump having foreign bank accounts while president, including in China, is a bigger deal than ten Hunter Biden laptops.

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In 2022, I saw the best of America: its resiliency, its character and its strength.

As we move into the new year, I’ve never been more confident about our shared future and the progress that lies ahead.

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