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As Democracy Comes Under Attack, Congress Must Restore and Modernize the Voting Rights Act
By Rep. Terri A. Sewell
"MAGA extremists are working to limit voting access, undermine faith in our elections and dilute the power of Black and minority voters...a wave of restrictive voting bills, extreme gerrymandering, voter roll purges and polling location closures"

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President Jimmy Carter is said by his family to be in his final days. My heart goes out to his loved ones and to our nation as a whole, who will have lost a good and decent man. Let his example be a beacon of hope, and let us all exhibit the kind of selflessness, compassion, and kindness he exuded all his days.

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In the last two days, a federal courts in Texas and Georgia struck down key provisions of their states' voter suppression laws.

The next time the cynics and vote suppressors tell you that the we shouldn't sue and that the courts won't protect voting rights, don't believe them.

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Sinema's flawed plan to find 'common ground' between Tuberville, DOD
"one of the obvious questions is what “that middle ground” might look like. For now, no one seems to have any idea. Sinema told her audience that there’s “always a solution to be had,” but that hardly clarified matters"

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Wonkodon has now become more powerful!

That is, I doubled the RAM and CPU, now at 4 cores and 8GB.

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Report on Anti-Gay Slur Could Put Local News Site Out of Business
"the owner of a shredding and recycling company, Cory Tomczyk, called a 13-year-old boy a “fag.” Mr. Tomczyk, who is now a Republican state senator, denied using the slur and demanded a retraction. When The Pilot & Review stood by its article, Mr. Tomczyk sued.
Three additional people who attended the meeting later gave sworn statements that they had heard Mr. Tomczyk use the word"

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Republicans have a math problem, and they know it. Regardless of their candidate, it is nearly certain that more people will vote to reelect President Joe Biden than his GOP opponent.

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Please support Chef Andres & his team in Maui, his post today: We may not be officially your partners (USG) but World Central Kitchen we are there partnering with the people…like many of the bigger disasters in USA and around the world….so technically we are partners! #ChefsForMaui Remember what we did together in Puerto Rico when nobody was ready to help!

W00t! The Wonkette broke Substack! We’re #1! We’re #1! We’re #1!

So, today was jury duty day. Arrived, listened to the judge, clerk, and the attorneys. Was on the short list for sitting on the jury, BUT ... the plaintiff's attorney excused me as I was an EMT and Mrs LS is a RN. This was the damages portion of a litigation involving injury, and so I guess the plaintiff's attorney didn't want someone who knew about injuries and medical treatments.

Saved, again, by Mrs Land Shark, RN.

Mrs Land Shark RN, as a currently serving nurse git me out of serving in the jury.

Might have made the short list for jury duty. I received a number. Everyone gets interviewed. Connecticut courts have voir dire. Ask an attorney what that means, I guess, and why places don’t have it.

Interesting. There was no ID check for jury duty. I had the summons document, but there was no check to make sure I’m the actual person who was summoned.

Jury Duty. This will be the first time for me. There is a LOT of people here.

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