If you're pro Ukraine and pro Hamas you clearly are extremely ignorant. Being pro Palestine is being pro Russia, as they support Iran and Iran funds Hamas.

If you are: atheist*, Muslim, Jewish, Unitarian, Buddhist*, Rastafari*, Hindu, Sikh, Wicca, agnostic*...

Or? to a lesser extent Mormon, Catholic or otherwise not WEP. (Black Baptists take note! especially my PNBCs)

YOU are in a "religious minority" If this country keeps moving right eventually you will be targeted.

Only together are we NOT a minority.

*recognize some of ya'll do not describe your belief as religion-- makes sense. But in this context it simply will not matter to them.

Anyone trying to tell you #COVID is over is trying to sell you a bridge made of shit and salt. Now, completely separate from that, entirely different, the COVID #MaskMandates represented the first time many #immunocompromised people were able to safely do some things in public: their own grocery shopping, visit the doctor’s office, walk around the park. A mild inconvenience for some of us allowed the rest of us to exist in public at all.


I don’t want Nazis to be ashamed to show their faces, I want them to be afraid.

It's that time of year!!

Time to help Skype a Scientist by telling every teacher, librarian, troop leader, etc you know that Fall 2023 enrollment is OPEN!

Sign up here bit.ly/EnrollFall2023

We rely on word of mouth to grow, so this action is critical for us!

If y’all can study dead spoken and written languages there is nothing wrong with studying dead programming languages. (Department of Digital Antiquities)

The 3 parts of the GOP — the fiscal conservatives, the cultural warriors, and the MAGA anti-democracy Trumpers — have come together behind fiscal conservatism, draped in warrior language, with the potential for a MAGA anti-democracy outcome. They are as dangerous as ever.

The January 6th Committee has done America a great service — giving the nation what it needed most: an accounting of what occurred on January 6, why it occurred, and Trump’s role in it. Given the evidence presented by the committee, the DOJ should have no choice but to prosecute.


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