This is getting like when Trump was always telling us he’ll have an infrastructure plan or something else ready in two weeks.
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Top Jan. 6 committee investigator says he expects the DOJ to bring charges against Donald Trump "in the next four to six months." (via Deadline: Legal Blog)

symmetry in guessing...
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They’re playing the long game, but the dogs in my neighborhood WILL eventually take this mailbox down.

Merry New Year to all you fine folks in my Federated, Home, and Local timelines!

dang did elon buy southwest last week or something

$TSLA crashing because the company is on autopilot is the most fitting end to 2022 possible

A handful of billionaires now have unprecedented control over banking, the food we eat, the health care we can access and, now, the information we receive.

This is what oligarchy looks like.

I will not finish this entire tin of popcorn in one day...
I will not finish this entire tin of popcorn in one day...

My followers are the smartest, kindest, funniest, and —hot damn— best looking in the entire Fediverse, but I **always** liked you the best!

Happy holidays!

The NORAD Twitter account has been suspended for doxxing the location of Santa's sleigh.

Wanna know what my main wish for Mastodon is?

Making credibility matter again.

I'm just so tired of living in a world where the people who do solid work posting factually solid and insightful material are quickly shunted aside for people who post attention-grabbing crap. Where the people who are proven right are shunned, and those proven wrong are still turned into celebrities.

It just depends on what kind of ethos we build here.

The Boston University School of Public Health is withdrawing from Twitter.

The dean’s thoughtful, nuanced explanation raises the question: Why are other institutions still there?


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