Many of the journalists Elon suspended today on Twitter are here on #Mastodon. Please follow and boost:

Drew Harwell, Washington Post

Donie O’Sullivan, CNN

Steve Herman, VOA

Micah Lee, Intercept

Tony Webster

Matt Binder, Mashable

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Why is the Fed putting the onus of fighting inflation on workers and consumers rather than on the corporations largely responsible for driving up prices — and padding profit margins?

This is wrong. It's bad economics. It’s insane politics. And it’s profoundly unfair.

If the former president goes after the Declaration of Independence next, my theory that he’s a secret agent for the British monarchy will be confirmed.

Two people are reportedly okay after their small plane crashed into a power line tower in Gaithersburg, MD but they are still in the plane which has to be stabilized before they can be rescued.


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