Spotted at a pottery shop in Galena, IL. Sadly, the store was closed. I'll have to go back some time.

I spent the weekend in Galena, IL and came across this store on Main Street. I emailed a different shot to Rebecca, our @editrix on Friday but had to go back to take another picture Saturday because my wife pointed out that I'd missed an important detail on the 3rd floor.

We will know that AI has approached something close to human thought when it can be easily distracted by squirrels in the trees outside their office window.

Wife and I were driving through northwestern Illinois en route to Galena for a weekend getaway. We were surprised to see several acres of land along the way dedicated to solar farms where they used to grow corn. This is solid MAGA country and the district of congress critter and Hitler lover Mary Miller. I thought these people are anti-eco-woke. But I guess not so much when it benefits them and not those blacks, browns and dirty hippie libruls.

As you experiment with various clients and apps for #Mastodon to get a feel for what works best for you, you’ll likely be authorizing a growing set of apps over time.

It’s worthwhile security practice to visit your “Authorized apps” page every now and then and remove apps you tried but no longer use. You can always re-auth them later if needed.

Sign in to your instance’s URL in a browser, then Preferences → Account → Authorized apps, and revoke anything you don’t recognize or no longer use.

Mammoth for Mastodon is now available to download for free on the App Store! 🎉

It has the easiest way to join Mastodon with a great onboarding flow and no need to think about what server to join, it’s full-featured with complete Mastodon feature parity, and fully customizable to tweak it just the way you want and make it yours.

Today would be my dad’s 102nd birthday. An OG Antifa, he was deemed unfit for combat due to having had polio in the 30s so spent the duration of WWII training bomber crews at the Army Air Corps flight school in Liberal, KS. When I was a kid he was an Eisenhower/Dirksen Republican who switched to Democrat when Nixon (who he referred to as “that crook”) ran against JFK.
He would be appalled at what the repubs have become since then.
Happy b-day dad, wherever you are. Still miss you every day.


Oh pity this corpulent mole:
grew too stocky to slip down his hole,
for he hadn't the vigor
to dig it all bigger;
met an unpretty end—bless his soul.

#SmallPoems #poems #poetry
#LimerickRhyme: corpulent

Today is Pączki day. My grandson works at an Italian bakery here in Chicago. But every year they suspend making cannoli, zeppole, biscotti, and devote a few days to making only their version of this Polish treat. They make them a little differently from traditional pączki. Rather than piping the filling into the donut, they split it in 2 and add the fillings sandwich style. They make about 10 different fillings.

This one is pastry cream and chocolate buttercream.

My wife started working on this quilt almost 3 yrs ago during the lockdown and finished it last week. Based on a count in a representative area, I estimate it has somewhere around 240,000 individual stitches. All by hand. She's been sewing for many years, but this is her first full-sized quilt.

As an atheist, I wish there were more Christians like Jimmy Carter. He lived his many years striving to make this a better world. If there were a just god, he would deserve another go ‘round.

If you see this toot (yeah this one right here), can you boost it for me? It will help my new server federate with the wider Mastodon network. 🚀 🙏

Via Brian Krassenstein (who posted the video clip):

George #Santos literally just told NewsMax that he stepped away from his company in "2001". He was born in 1988, meaning he would have been 13...

Lol, David Kusnet’s rejoinder:

He stepped away at 13 because he was preparing for his Bar Mitzvah.

I just learned that a little girl in my neighborhood has lost her battle with stage 4 kidney cancer. I don't know the family but there have been posters and orange ribbons all over the area for several months. She was in 3rd grade, I believe.

If I may.....
Fuck cancer.

No. 77- siren

A hot summer night.
Crickets and frogs emerge to
sing their siren songs.


Marge 3 names would have to buy some class before she could be considered low class.

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