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. I'm an old. Ex-academic, former hospice , now RN case manager for the Washoe Tribal clinic in N. Nevada. Live ww/my beloved wife and cat. ID'd as feminist @13 in '70, first GF 73. 1st Women's concert Chris Williamson at the L.A. Womens Building in 74. First protest with UFW in '68. Worked CA. Ren. Faire from 1971-1986. Was an ASL interpreter in the 80s. Done lots, seen more, always hope for love and kindness.

Finally set the twist in some homespun that has been languishing, waiting to be finished. Still have two more batches to do. My new loom is particularly for my homespun. Got quite the stash built up and I'm going to be a scarf making maniac.

Left to Right: Baby camel and mulberry silk; Alpaca; Merino, alpaca and tussah silk.

Actually it's going to be up to 90 mug rugs in 6 patterns and multiple colors

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Actually it's going to be as many as I can make (up to 90) "mug rugs" for my co-workers. Using these six patterns. And multiple colors.

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@TappinLisa @GottaLaff Eye drop recall follow-up: You can check if your eye drops are recalled or contain sketchy ingredients at I was able to tell that my CVS single-use vial eye drops have no current recalls on them.

The site is run by the Dry Eye Foundation. I found out about it from Dr Eye Health on YouTube. #eyeDrop #recall #FDA

The Pendleton rugs are off the loom. (The weft is te trimmings from Pendleton blankets post fulling).

Hemming and wet finishing still need to be done. These are the largest I've made, they could be (very heavy) blankets. The red and green are 48" x 95". The multi color is shorter because I miss counted a couple of sections of warp and just ran out of warp.

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My mom got me this bag of gemstones and rocks, and I’m not exactly sure what kind of gemstone this green one is. I listed what it could possibly be based on this book of rocks and minerals, but I would like your opinions on what it could be. (I apologize for spelling Fluorite wrong).

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The idea behind #9ReplyGuys is that, if you wish, you can use the 9 images in the thread above to quickly categorize & dismiss sexist replies. Misogynists *hate* being called unoriginal.
Thanks from me and @shrewshrew for your support, suggestions, boosts and encouragement 💕

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#Fediblock #fediadmin
Indigenous people are currently being attacked by numerous people, due to standing up against targeted anti-Indigenous racism on Mastodon.
This is mostly via abusive toots and subtoots, and bad-faith reports accusing us of racism. But I have also recieved an abusive email from a new sock puppet account of a person evading suspendion @

Admins and mods: please keep an eye out for this current wave of anti-Indigenous racism, and take appropriate action. Thanks!

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Hello Fediverse! I am coming before you all today to promote my new instance:! You may have seen my post on my old account about it a few weeks back. I wanted to wait until I finished migrating my old account over here, got the instance up and running to where I wanted it, etc before promoting it fully.

We all know Fedi isn't always kind to Black users, doubly so for Black queers. My instance represents my attempt to continue the amazing work some folks are doing in the Fediverse to make these platforms more accessible and safer for all users, ESPECIALLY marginalized folks.

When I joined the fediverse, the first thing I was searching for almost from the beginning was an instance dedicated to or centering Black queer people explicitly. While there are a few amazing communities like that out there, many of them are either not federating, offering limited federation only, or are currently closed to new users.

This allows them to have much greater control over the content their users are exposed to, which I have tremendous respect and appreciation for. Hell, I've got alts in some of those places!

However. As a newcomer to Fedi, it was not overly easy for me to find these places and gain access, which I recognize is somewhat by design. Limited or no federation meant the only way to locate them was by word of mouth and extensive research.

This is where BlackQueerLife comes in. I want to build a place where Black queer, trans, and GNC folks can feel safe making a home while also being able to venture out into the rest of the fediverse. I want somewhere they can use as a landing pad. I want as many multiply marginalized Black folks off of corporate hellsites like Twitter and Bluesky as possible. We are not safe being corporate playthings.

Most importantly, I want every Black queer person who joins Fedi to know that they have somewhere they can go. I don't expect that all would necessarily want to join, but I want all Black queer fedizens to know that they are welcome to.

So if you see this, please boost this post to spread the word. If you already boosted the other posts that have gone out about this instance, no pressure. Thanks so much!

#BlackMastodon #BlackFedi #BlackFediverse #BlackQueer #BIPOC #QTPOC #LGBTQ

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Testing the #academia outreach here on Mastodon. Please boost if you think you know others who might know.

I'm looking for some good light undergraduate-level books/articles in English about Taiwan under the Japanese and during the White Terror. History, culture, I would even love recommendations of short fiction if you have any.


#Taiwan #Colonialism #WhiteTerror #JapaneseColonialism #History #CulturalStudies #Literature

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Indigenous youth (15-30 years old) in need of financial assistance for sport, education , and culture can apply for a bursary here. Proof of Indigenous ancestry needed. #bursary #Indigenous #Indigedon

The 7-2 ruling on the ICWA (Indian Child Welfare Act) is a wonderful surprise that has far-reaching impact in terms of tribal sovereignty.

There's a Powwow this weekend at the Washoe Stewart Colony - site of the Stewart Indian School. I imagine this will make the event even more joyful.

Huh. This is something I did not know (but then, I am not a Talmudic scholar) The Talmud recognizes 8 genders.


Picture does not do it justice, but this is my new name tag lanyard. It was beaded (peyote stitch) by a Washoe co-worker and commissioned by my CMO. Now that's motivation to wear my name tag.

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'Bringing together #Diné #weavers and #VisualArtists with objects from #AMNH , “Shaped by the Loom” positions #weaving as “an #ArtForm , a #cultural practice, and a #LivedExperience ” according to #exhibition text. The #gallery exhibition features 25 Diné #textiles dating from the mid-1800s to present day, as well as objects including images by Diné #photographers , and #historic and #contemporary weaving materials.'

#Indigenous #NativeAmerican #NativeArt #Showcase

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