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. I'm an old. Ex-academic, former hospice , now RN case manager for the Washoe Tribal clinic in N. Nevada. Live ww/my beloved wife and cat. ID'd as feminist @13 in '70, first GF 73. 1st Women's concert Chris Williamson at the L.A. Womens Building in 74. First protest with UFW in '68. Worked CA. Ren. Faire from 1971-1986. Was an ASL interpreter in the 80s. Done lots, seen more, always hope for love and kindness.


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How Seattle-area shops and buyers can stop enabling fake Native art

"We in the Native community are fighting back really hard against the misrepresentation that we’ve had for so long," said Colleen Echohawk, CEO of Seattle-based Native lifestyle brand Eighth Generation.


#Native #Indigenous #NDN #NativeMastodon #IndigenousMastodon

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Cis women are organising a counter protest against fascist transphobic hatemonger Posie Parker and her ilk when she comes to Dublin next month. Let's hope she gets the sort of 'céad míle fáilte' from Irish feminists she deserves.

#MastoDaoine #Feminism #Solidarity #Trans

"trans-exclusionary radical feminists” have allied with rightwing attacks on gender.” Thus, they “will not be part of the contemporary struggle against fascism.” Judith Butler

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for every time a tall person whacks their head on a door a short person gets avalanched trying to get something off a shelf

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The Passion of Bibi 

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I am looking for an #Artist or #GraphicDesigner to make a concert poster style graphic for me. I want to commission something with an underground punk rock feel to give as gifts to my thesis committee (after graduation!).

If this sounds like something you would like to do, let's talk! I will pay in real money, not exposure 🤣

#Art #ArtistsOfMastodon #GraphicDesign

Everything took longer than expected, but loom is dressed and weaving has commenced. Forgot how fussy the worms can be. This warp should give 3 rugs, about 100" each. First one will be dominant browns and greens.

Picture taken at work on March 13, watching the clouds climb over the mountains, heralding the next storm front.

Well, that took longer than expected. Several issues along the way that I will probably need to fix later, but for now, that's done-the warp beam is loaded. I've got company coming over tomorrow, but I can certainly get the heddles threaded before. Trying to decide if I should put my steel bar on my beater for more weight, but I can't find my screws, and don't know if I want to take the time to go to the store for more. Sleying should be quick and easy at 10 epi. @fiberarts

Here is an amazing opportunity: University of Rochester (upstate New York) is offering Nursing students free tuition and guaranteed job placement starting this fall. 33 student cohort. One way to combat the Nursing shortage: grow your own.

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Happy vernal equinox! Snow predicted for most of the week, and DST has made my mornings dark, but the days are growing longer and almost all the snow from the first of the year has melted.

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A Hungarian animation studio just created a big screen full-length animated movie titled The Four Souls of Coyote. It's a story based on various Native American mythologies. It came out both in Hungarian and in English.

Does anyone know if #indigenous reviewers have seen this? Over here in Hungary none of the media outlets mention if anyone wrote anything about it from a cultural perspective. And it bugs me...

#animation #film

@laurafry I found you! Cool to see you and your work. Hope you are surviving. I see you are dealing with the deadly oblivious, and the weather. Take care.

My fiber vacation has begun! Saturday I finished spinning 4 oz of fiber.. and couldn't get the flyer off my Majacraft to remove the bobbin. Finally did, but then couldn't get the plying flyer on. Today, after a late start, I got my warp wound on spools and started winding on to the warp beam. Going to make some "Pendleton worms" rag rugs, using the trimmings from Pendleton blankets as weft. There's an example in the second picture. Sore back, but happy! @fiberarts

One of the perks of this job. I admired one of our pt's s beadwork, and she did this for me.

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On May 1st I hereby pledge that I won't toot anything other than:


I also pledge to boost the toots of everyone tooting #NoWarButClassWar

There's no rich assholes here to stop us. Let's make a statement to the online world that we can organize and nobody's going to stop us. I have nothing to lose. Do you?

Boost this, or repost similar and I'll boost you. Spread the word. May 1st.

Let's begin to #FightBack.

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