Greetings. I created my wonkodon account first thing, lurked a bit, and then promptly ignored it. I've been asking myself why. Maybe I prefer the non-comments bc there is a topic at the top. I'm not good at just sending random brain farts out into the ether. Or maybe it's bc Yikes Change! But now change is coming whether I like it or not...

[quietly clicks follow on all the Wonk profiles]

It has been suggested that I add a 'splainer to the link at wonkcentral, to encourage people to checkout wonkodon. Since I am defective when it comes to social media platforms, would someone else like to provide one?

A word about linking to other web sites in your Toots 

One of the things Mastodon doesn't do is to embed thumbnail views from other platforms such as Youtube and Twitter. You are limited, I think, to just posting the web link. For example, here is a link to Wonkette for today's article about the Oklahoma Governor's race You CAN embed images, so a screenshot might be worth the effort at times.


For the non-commenters at